Ready... Set… Play!

Brayden Giles; SJHS Staff Writer

Intramurals takes place every day after school, except Wednesdays, in the gym or multipurpose room. At intramurals students can play amazing and fun activities.  “I like being active, and it’s fun,” said Simon Smith, an eighth grader who goes to intramurals. 

Intramurals is something fun to do after school, especially if you have nothing to do; it also gets you active. “You get to play legit sports, and it’s something fun to do after school,” said Ty Carter, an eighth grader who attends intramurals regularly. 

“The sports are always unique, and they change every week,” said Ammon Elzinga, a newcomer to intramurals, “and it’s fun to be with your friends playing sports.”

“I really enjoy being a part of intramurals. I love sports, and I got part of my college degree in PE/Coaching,” said Ms. Elison, one of the art teachers here at SJHS, who helps with intramurals.

Intramurals sports change about every week, and it is fun for everyone. To participate you just go to the gym with all of your friends to participate in all the unique and amazing sports, and sign the book and get credit for playing sports after school. Everyone should definitely come.