Rise of the Planet of the 9th Graders

Article by Trey Widtfeldt, SJHS Student Staff Writer

Sevies turn into 8th graders, and, eventually, through much aggravating elective classes and maybe some irritated teachers, they turn into 9th graders, in other words, high schoolers. But wait, aspiring 9th grader! You’re still tethered to SJHS! There is but another year that you must take before ascending to education heaven.

What I’m trying to say is that some people are no longer eighth or seventh graders anymore. Registration has come to redeem or exact it's vengeance upon unwilling eighth graders. You can either enjoy some elective classes, like being a TA or going to Creative Writing. So what did some people have to say about the future of 9th graders and their plans for high school. Wheeler Sedgeley said he was choosing to take some of the more artistic classes, such as Interior Design, Theatre Tech, and Creative Writing. While his plans for high school were almost the complete different. He hoped to take more of the science class, and if there was one, and if it was even possible, a psychology class, mentioning that he had hopes of becoming a detective.

Diego Clark (His third appearance on the show, come on down, Diego!) Took some of the same classes, his high school future was much different than that of Wheeler’s. He hoped to take a lot of AP classes for Science, Math, and English, hoping to get a lot of College credit in.

If you’re a sixth grader, welcome! If you’re a sevie, hold on to your wlecome from last year. If you’re an eighth grader, there’s another year ahead of you. If you’re a ninth grader, goodbye!

But seriously, high school is a pretty cool place to be, get your plans in so you can get it out of the way and have a great school year!