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The Secrets Behind Student Council

Submitted by tara.pina on Tue, 10/30/2018 - 13:26
Article by Remick Whiting

Most people may think that Student Council is just students working to make the school a happy and fun place for fellow students. But let's go behind the scenes and see what really happens in the 45 minute class period during school. Student Council is always helping around school whether it's ` making posters or having a meeting with  the assistant principal but no matter what they are doing they are always busy. Zach Jackson said “When we aren’t helping fellow students with school we usually meditate or do whatever we can” Meditation is a type of focused thinking it can help you feel calm and not stressed about the daily world around you. Payton Evans said” Meditation is when she makes us lay down or sit up in a relaxing position and reads us a story with lots of description and it really helps me stay calm and not feel stressed.”Others on Student Council like Dallin Hatfield said “we meditate, talk, or have a party.” In other words when they party they talk and chat with friends. Though Student Council may be a lot of work such as making posters and helping out around the school, they still have some free time to hang and chat with friends. But they also have plenty of time to meditate.