Singing In The Play

Article by Jenny Wallentine, SJHS Student Staff Writer

Singing in the Rain is a classic musical that has been around that has been around for decades and here at SJHS they are recreating the iconic musical. It premieres the end of March, and many of the actors and actresses are super excited to show the school the play to everyone willing to watch. But since the play is still a ways a way, the actors told us what they think of the rehearsals so far.

Most everyone seems to have about the average of 3-5 rehearsals a week, whether or not they are a main character. This year they have a new choreographer to teach them all the dance numbers for Singing In The Rain, and everyone seems to love her.

Monte Taylor who plays Don Lockwood, the main character, says,“I really like the director and choreographer. They’re really energetic and have lots of personality which helps because it gets us pumped up and more excited to come to rehearsals!”

Jake Gee says that he thinks they are very funny and great to be around.

Even if you don’t have any lines in the play the directors make sure there is a spot for you. Hannah Mason and Victoria Hunt are both broadway dancers and assistant dance coaches to Jasmine, the choreographer, and even though they don’t have any lines in the play they both get a small solo part in one of the last songs “Broadway Melody” as well as being in many other dance numbers.

They also have many different strategies on how to get their vocal chords warmed up and ready to perform. Daniel Kawai who plays a Broadway melody show host, says he loves the vocal warmup Heida because you get to move around and it gets faster the longer you perform. Mia Roberts says “I like any warm up that lets us move around and lets us interact with each other.”

Onto the rehearsals themselves, most everyone likes the rehearsals like Colin Gwilliam who plays Cosmo Brown says “I like the rehearsals pretty fun , you get time to be with friends when you're not acting.” Maegan Talbot says “Rehearsal is fun but sometimes you have to repeat stuff over and over which gets boring but still really fun!”

Everyone in the play is very excited for the school play and they seem to love everything about it, so make sure to check out the school play at the end of March to support some of your peers!