SJHS Sings at Abravanel Hall

Alyssa Badger SJHS Student Staff Writer


Springville Junior High’s very own Master Singers were picked to sing at an honor choir concert up in Salt Lake City at Abravanel Hall. There were twelve junior highs that sent in recordings, and they were one of the two junior highs that were chosen to sing. On January 28, 2017, the Master SIngers got on a bus and drove up to the capital of Utah to perform.

Abby Carlton, a second soprano in the choir, said “I was really excited. I thought it was a really cool opportunity and I didn’t think we we’re gonna get picked.” She claimed her favorite part of the whole experience was “being able to perform in such a cool place, the sound is so unique. We don’t usually get to sing in a place like that.” According to Abby, this is the best performance they’ve ever done. She says it was cool to compare the other choirs with her own.

Zach Jensen and Emma Rich, both master singer members, said that Abravanel Hall was a very cool place to sing. Emma RIch said that the other choirs were really good and had cool solos. Zach said “I think we did amazing.”

Kennedy Bird is a member of the master singers and the auditioned honor choir which also performed at the concert. She said “The audition was pretty chill, we sang the national anthem, and just went after school. It was really fast and easy.” There were a total three hundred and seventy five people on the whole honor choir. “We only had one rehearsal and then we had to learn all the songs on our own time.” They had a total of eight songs and performed the same night as the Master Singers along with Salem Junior High’s choir.

The concert was a great accomplishment for our school and we are all very proud that our very own choir was chosen to represent the state in this concert.