SJHS + Uniforms?

Article by Anya Keil

Whether or not uniforms are a good thing or bad things is totally based on the opinions of the staff and pupils. So we went to see if the people in this school would like to have uniforms. Uniforms are usually correlated with prestigious schools like Harvard and Yale; but this school? Maybe or maybe not.

Most students dislike the idea of having uniforms. “I don’t want to be forced,” said 9th grader, Jonny Acevedo. But if he were to design the uniforms he’d make them black, red, and yellow. A 7th grader by the name of  Angela Espinoza  stated that the uniforms would be “too Basic” and if she were to design them she’d make the uniforms band t-shirts and jeans.

Kyler Jackson says, “Uniforms are bad. We should wear whatever we want.” Alot of students agree that uniforma requirements in schools can get a little extreme.  Indiana's Richmond Community Schools, a public school district is one of the most strict seen. Plain pants and shirt are only allowed and anyone found with so much as a plaid button up will get slipped and sent home. Some students say they are relived it’s not as bad as there

Will this school be getting uniforms any time soon? No, doesn’t look like it. So enjoy expressing yourself through your clothes, be creative and show your uniqueness!