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Spotlight: Ms. Distefano

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Wed, 03/30/2016 - 11:12
Kennedy Huston; SJHS Staff Writer
Mrs. Distefano, the ninth grade counselor

Ms. Distefano is one of the three counselors at SJHS. She is the main counselor for ninth grade students and affairs. Ms. Distefano has worked at SJHS for 12 years. According to Ms. Distefano, she became a counselor because in high school she felt like she did not have a lot of direction in terms of her future, so she wanted to be able to help kids find direction in their life. She likes getting to work with SJHS students. She also enjoys all the faculty, and there really is not anything she dislikes about her job.

According to Ms. Tarin, the counseling secretary at SJHS, she has worked with Ms. Distefano for five years. She thinks Ms. Distefano is very genuine, and really takes the time to get to know the students, and really cares a lot about the students at SJHS. She is also very nice and friendly.  Ms. Droz, a counselor at SJHS, said, “I have worked with Ms. Distefano for six years. She is really fun to work with.”

According to Ms. Distefano, she enjoys shopping, spending time with her family, having girl nights with her nine year old daughter, and visiting family in Ohio.  Ms. Distefano said, “I love getting to know all the students, and enjoy the variety of things I get to do.”