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Spotlight for Ms. McBride

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Thu, 11/13/2014 - 09:05
Autumn Olsen, SJHS Staff Writer
Ms. McBride

The SJHS students are very lucky to have the teachers that they have now. Ms. McBride, is one of these teachers. She teaches English, and has a lot to say about how much she loves her job and her students. 

“This year I teach all eighth grade English, with one elective (Film Studies). I used to teach seventh grade, but I'm not this year,” said Ms. McBride. 

“My favorite thing about my job is getting to know my students. I love when a student tells me something funny that makes me laugh, or I get to read an awesome story that a student writes, or I see a student being an ally and looking out for people who need friends. I am really impressed by the students at our school, and I'm glad I get to spend time with them,” said Ms. McBride. 

“I never really wanted to be a teacher until after I graduated from college. I got a degree in English at BYU and then worked as an editor/writer for a year. After that I realized I would rather be teaching instead, so I went back to school for a year, and now I'm here at Springville Junior. I am really glad I made the change because I love being a teacher. Sometimes my job is stressful, but it's definitely worth it,” said Ms. McBride.

Ms. McBride is a wonderful teacher, who we hope will stay at SJHS for many more years!