The State Math Competition- It's as Easy as Pi

Savannah Clyde; SJHS Staff Writer
The students who participated in the State Math Competition at BYU

On April 25th, ten students from each grade here at SJHS, went to BYU to take a math test. These students were selected because they scored the highest in this last year’s exam. The top ten were invited to go. 

This test was designed to be taken without a calculator, so it challenged students to think more about the problems and use their knowledge and problem solving skills for each problem.  There were forty questions on the test for students to solve. Sabrina Scott, an eighth grade participant said, “The most challenging part was trying to decide what the questions meant.”  The scores on the state math test will be compared to other scores in the state. 

After the test students went to the BYU Cannon Center for lunch. Jenessa Crystal, an eighth grade student, said, “I saw Cosmo there!”

 According to Mrs. Bodily, a math teacher here at SJHS, there are lots of benefits to taking this test. It is a good motivational challenge, to do mathematical problems that they have not seen before. It will also serve as a learning experience when students see their scores, and looks good to colleges. The students also got a free T-shirt for participating.

Many students said that it was hard. Janessa Crystal said, “I enjoyed the satisfaction and enjoyment of finishing the test.” Students were also able to spend the day with their friends and miss the majority of the school day. 

Mrs. Bodily said, “We had a lot of fun at the State Math Competition, and look forward to going again next year!”

The ninth graders were, Melody Anderson, Ashley White, Joseph Price, Porter Olson, Grant Gardner, Rebecca Gee, Kolby Carter, Jaxon Wilkinson, Kallysta Strong, and Alexys Griggs. 

The eighth graders were, Luke Carter, Trae Hillstead, Brandon Hawkins,, Kimberly Bartholomew, Ammon Elzinga, Timothy Harlow, Monte Taylor, Janessa Crystal, Sabrina Scott, and  William Francom. 

The seventh graders were, Zachary LaBuda, Isaac Vaughn, Helen Tulley, McKay Francom, Jonathan Christensen, Cameron Monson, Ryan Hubbard, Kaylee Smyth, Samuel Gee, Caleb Lanier, and Jacob Paynter.