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Super Powers?

Submitted by tara.pina on Wed, 12/14/2016 - 11:07
Article by Angela Lopez

Have you ever thought about having super powers? Like flying, and having laser eyes? Everyone wants super powers. At some point everyone, either when they were little or today wants to be a superhero or have super powers.

What kind of superpowers do you want? 8th grader Emma Beisinger said to turn into any kind of animal. Why? “Because I love animals and it would be really cool to be really big or really small.” 9th grader Rainy Hickman said that she would like to have power over the weather. Why? She simply responded, “Because my name is Rainy.” Another 9th grader here at SJHS Anya Keil said that she wants the ability to read people’s minds. Why? She responded with, “So I could hear everyone’s secret without them even knowing!”

What would your background story be? “I went to a laboratory and spilled acid on myself” said Emma.

Rainy said that she got struck by lightning. “When I was younger I got brain cancer and then I had to get a surgery and then I somehow got it.” Says Anya.

What would your superhero name be?  Emma said that hers would be Animal Queen. Rainy said that hers would still be Rainy and Anya said that hers is just going to be Anya.