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Track Team Races to the Finish Line

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Wed, 05/16/2012 - 07:56
Sarah Mitchell, SJHS Staff Writer

On Thursday and Friday, May 10th and 11th, the SJHS track team left school to compete in the district track meet. The meet was held at Salem Hills High School, and all junior high schools from Nebo School District participated.  According to Anna Gurney, an eighth grader at Springville Junior High School, she likes to see schools compete and see who is best.

SJHS did very well at the Districts!  According to Mr. Strong, long jump coach at SJHS, they placed third overall, set many first places and also set a few district records.  Mr. Strong also said, “In some ways, District Finals is what we work towards all year. Everyone is really trying their hardest to do well.”

Students are now sad to see the track season is over. Meg Lonhurst, eighth grader at SJHS, said, “ I am kind of happy it is over because  sometimes it can be stressful, but I am also really sad because it was a really fun opportunity to be able to participate in.” According to Anna Gurney, she is sad the track season is over because she loves to exercise and she loves being able to hangout with her friends after school.

The following SJHS students placed in the district final track meet:


100 Meter Hurdles
2nd: Tiana Taala / 5th: Kaylee Richmond / 6th: Savannah Guinn

200 Meters
4th: Morgan Ammons / 5th: Ciarra Snap

400 Meters
1st: Lindsay Johnson / 5th: Peggy Sorenson

800 Meters
5th: Peggy Sorenson / 6th: Julie Sumsion

3rd: Peggy Sorenson / 4th: Julie Sumsion

Shot Put
1st: Kaylee Whitaker / 5th: Abby Mangum

1st: Abby Mangum / 5th: Elissa Coral / 6th: Dominique Edwards

Long Jump
5th: Morgan Ammons

High Jump
1st: Savannah Guinn


100 Meter Hurdles
3rd: Michael Merrill

100 Meters
5th: Nik Grosland

200 Meters
4th: Skyler Spencer

Shot Put
1st: Nik Grosland / 5th: Ezra Hopoate

1st: Nik Grosland / 2nd: Preston Adams / 4th: Ryan Gage / 5th: Ezra Hopoate

Long Jump
1st: Michael Merrill

High Jump
1st: Skyler Spencer / 4th: Michael Merrill