Watch these kids go on Spring break:

Article by Trey Widtfeldt - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Spring break! It's almost there! It's that horrible time just before the break when you have to quickly raise your grades or else you won’t be able to go down to St. George, (I, a personal witness) and you have to become a little angel to try and figure out all the kinks and loose ends. And then, when the time is finally nigh, when for a week there’s no tests, evaluations, or assignments, and you can chew gum, beloved gum!

So what are you doing for spring break? You could just sit back relax, such as Wheeler Sedgeley, where you can hang out at home and practice up for afterschool activities, (hint hint, it's track.) or pursue your hobbies such as Jake Follette (One of the many contenders for Student Council) and create YouTube videos as a part of your hobby, producing skits and propaganda videos for your campaign.

Or, you could be an absolute party animal and go on a ride down to Puerto Rico to be in the JUNGLE like Caleb Judd. Traveling all over the Eastern America’s, viewing the sights like a king.

Or you could just stay in Utah.

Whatever is your most preferable choice.