What students advise for advisory

Micah Schmitz SJHS Student Staff Writer

While the reasons for student advisory classes may be to be a form of large Q/A on the school and students lives, many students think it may not be worthwhile. When asked, many students told us we should just replace advisory with another quest time.

Ethan Howard said, that he loved advisory, he felt another quest time would be more worthwhile. Many students agree that having another quest time would make more sense, as it gives you time to make up low grades. 

An article titled “Why Your Students Need Free Time…” the unstated author said that giving children breaks at school serve as a ““brain break,” so kids are focused and ready to learn when they begin a lesson, while also teaching responsibility (not every minute of the child’s day is planned out for him/her). They also encourage development of social and communication skills, and breaks in school support students’ physical healthy and motor skill development.”

This is why we need another quest time in the week. It physically helps students, and these students felt advisory wasn't as helpful.