What is your favorite holiday?

Article by Rainy Hickman

It’s the time of the year where there’s a holiday around every corner, so I interviewed a couple people in our school, and asked them their favorite holidays are, if their family does anything for this holiday, and what's their favorite part of this holiday.  

“My favorite holiday is Halloween, because it’s spooky, like my soul,” Bridget Hickman, a 7th grader, said. She stated that her favorite part is the “spooky vibes” it gives off. What she dislikes about Halloween is the people who think that they have better costumes.

Leah Davis, a 9th grader, said that her favorite holiday is also Halloween. “I get to dress up as anything and not get judged for it." Her favorite part about Halloween is the free candy, and she said that her least favorite part are the clowns.

Jamie Haws, also a 9th grader, said that her favorite holiday is Halloween because “it’s spooky” and she gets to hang out with her friends. “My favorite part about it is that I get to go laser tagging with friends."

All in all, a lot of people like Halloween for the candy and dressing up. My favorite holiday is Christmas, because I get to see my family, celebrate with them, I get to give presents, and the food is amazing.