Racing To The Top In Cross Country Districts

Marin Rosenberg, SJHS Staff Writer
Julie Sumsion, SJHS eigth grader, came in first at the district cross country final.

On Wednesday, October 10, the Springville Junior High School cross country team participated in the cross country district final. After school, around 3:00, the cross country members all traveled to Mapleton Junior High School to race against the other cross country teams in Nebo School District. The race was one and a half miles long, and all of the Springville competitors ran their hardest.

Cross country started at the beginning of the term, and the students on the team have been practicing hard to compete in tournaments with the other junior highs. Clarissa Scott, ninth grader at Springville Junior High School, said, “I’m really sad that cross country is over. The cross country districts were really fun, and even though we didn’t win, I felt that I did pretty good.” Nate LeFevre, seventh grader at Springville Junior High School, said, “Cross country is really fun. I love to run, and I feel good when I do.” 

The cross country team has had other races, and all of the people on the team tried really hard to win. Julie Sumsion, eighth grader at SJHS, said, “It was awesome. I’m going to miss racing and competing with the team.” Julie ran hard and got first place out of all the girls that ran in districts. Good work SJHS cross country team!