Family Finding with Mr. Hansen

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There are a lot of activities during Quest Time; one of them is Family Finding which takes place every Tuesday with Mr. David Hansen, Utah History teacher at Springville Junior High School. Students do you want to know who you are related to?

Mr. Hansen decided to do this during Quest Time because it is educational, plus it is fun. Mr. Hansen said, “People seem to enjoy it because it is challenging, and a puzzle, and people seem to enjoy puzzles.” According to Mr. Hansen, Family Finding has become a fast growing hobby for people they have developed new site with lots more information about you family.

According to Mr. Hansen, it’s very interesting and probably the best part of this activity is you get find who you are connected to.  “It’s like wow to get to see who you are related to and get to find out what they lived through,” Mr. Hansen said.  Students go check it out and who students are related to! 

Michelle Herrera, SJHS Staff Writer