Getting to know Sadie Bussburg

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Sadie Bussburg is one of the many great 9th graders here at Springville Junior high. Sadie Bussburg likes to dance and cheer. If Sadie could learn to do anything, she would learn how to do sign language. “I would learn sign language because my grandma signs and I think it would be cool to learn how to do.” Sadie’s favorite place she has been to is New York. “New York is my favorite because it was really fun and it was my first major trip.” Sadie’s favorite part of school is seeing her friends and all of the social aspects of school. Sadies favorite class is sewing. “I like sewing because I get to see my friends and make fun stuff.” When asked what advice do you have for 7th and 8th graders she said,” Don’t let other people get to you. Be who you are and don’t care what other people think.” Overall, Sadie Bussburg is really nice, and really fun to get to know.

Article written by: Delia Thompson , student reporter