Journalism is Back and Better than Ever at SJHS

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Front row, left to right:  Anna Bunnell, Sarah Cheney, Emilee Christensen, Zoe Baldwin, Sage Petersen, and Shannon Lott.  Second row, left to right:  Taylor Bennett, Claire Hatch, Melissa Jenson, Rachel Standley, and Amanda Ripley.  Third row, left to right:  Faith Atkinson, Kallie Whitby, Mason Barnes, and Cody Woolsey.  Back row, left to right:  Michelle Herrera, Andalyn Hall, Christopher Taylor, Andrew Creer, and Tyler Condie.


A new year has arrived here at SJHS, and with a new year comes new students for classes. One of the classes that people are more aware of, through the newspaper, is the journalism class. Introducing the 2010 Springville Junior High journalism staff!

A couple things have changed since last year, not just the new students, but the journalism staff has switched to the mobile lab to improve efficiency. “It is more efficient to use the mobile lab because have we don't to waste class time walking back and forth to the computer lab each day. The students get to use that time to write,” said Ms. Tiffanie Miley, the SJHS journalism teacher.

The journalism staff consists of 20 students who all specifically applied to be in the journalism class. “I took it last year and had a great time. For me, I’m able to take a big break from all the hard classes and homework, but still learn and improve my writing,” said Chris Taylor, a ninth-grade journalism student at SJHS. The journalism staff will go year-round this year, consisting of two different classes that will switch at the end of the first semester.

You can read the articles written by the journalism staff online at; some articles are also published in the Springville Herald Newspaper. There is also a school newspaper that is released about once a month.

The journalism staff works really hard every day, so we hope students, parents, and teachers enjoy the articles we create.

Cody Woolsey, SJHS Staff Writer