Julia Hill Presents Her TED Talk Marvelously

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Each year 9th graders at SJHS have the opportunity to present a TED talk in their English Classes. In her talk, Julia Hill presented on how music affects our mental health. She explains “I thought about one of my favorite things to present about.” People are nervous before they present. Julia explains it as, “I got more and more nervous every step that I took towards the front of the class.” During Julia’s TED Talk everyone was engaged. Delia Thompson says that her favorite part of Julia’s TED Talk is, “When Julia used memes that were related to all of us.” Once Julia was done she was so proud that she did it. “If TED asked me to do a real TED talk I would do it.” Julia said she likes to do projects about what she is most passionate about. When you're in 9th grade, look forward to giving your TED talk and remember these things that made Julia successful!  

Article written by: Aspen Cook , student reporter