Kick Off the School Year with Choir

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Don’t be surprised if you walk past the choir room and hear melodic “Ha Ha’s.” Students are most likely warming up their voices. In fact, you may hear many interesting sounds coming from that room.

Choir students at SJHS are encouraged to join choir, a class where you learn teamwork, music terms, and how to sing beautifully in a group. Apprentice Singers (seventh grade) master the basics, while Knightingales (eighth grade girls), Journeymen (eighth grade boys), and Mastersingers (the ninth grade audition group) tackle more challenging stuff.

Mrs. Leslie Walker, choir teacher at SJHS, said, “Many students who can sing beautifully either get too busy or think they can’t fit choir into their schedules. They are missing a wonderful opportunity to sing in a group of friends!"

Choir isn’t all fun and games; it’s a lot of hard work, too. According to Katya Wagstaff, ninth grader and Master Singer at SJHS, the hardest part about Mastersingers is getting used to being with the boys again. “We were separated during eighth grade; it’s been a while [since we’ve sung together].”

But even with the challenges, many students really enjoy choir. Kahaia Stewart, eighth-grade Knightingale, said, “The best part of choir is that you get to sing, and you don’t have to worry about other people caring.”

Amanda Ripley, SJHS Staff Writer