La! La! La! With SJHS’s Master Singers

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Deep down everyone loves to sing. If it’s in the shower, or in the car, or just for fun, for everyone to hear, or for nobody to hear, everyone loves to sing. In Master Singers, these talented students love to sing anywhere and everywhere.  Master Singers are a group of ninth-grade boys and girls who auditioned in eighth grade to become the best singers at SJHS. This choir is taught by SJHS’s choir teacher Mrs. Walker.        

The students in Master Singers are the best of the best singers in SJHS. The eighth-grade students this year are so excited for next year. Cassidy Gage, an eighth grader at SJHS, said, “I’m excited for Master Singers because we’re with boys again. They make it even more fun than it already is.” Cassidy, however isn’t the only person excited for next year’s singers; Mrs. Walker is very excited for next year’s singers because she said, “They are a talented bunch!”

Many students have wondered why Master Singers is a full year, Mrs. Walker said, “It’s a full year because it takes a while to teach the students how to sing in four harmony choir. It’s a big transition from the two and three part to the four part harmony.” Mrs. Walker is still looking for ten more boys so that all the girls that should be in choir can be. The more boys we have the more girls we can have.    

Katya Wagstaff, a ninth-grade Master Singer, said her favorite part of Master Singers is singing all year long. She also likes how “everyone is friends. It’s a big group of friends who love to sing.” When students audition for Master Singers they should’ve taken two semesters of choir, to ensure that they can sing in tune; to audition the student must sing The Star Spangled Banner for Mrs. Walker.

Sarah Clark,SJHS Staff Writer