Mrs. Breakwell: Exciting New Teacher at SJHS

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Mrs. Aleta Breakwell is a new English teacher at Springville Junior High School. Here is what Mrs. Breakwell did before she became a teacher and also before she came to SJHS. “Before I became a teacher, I worked as a copy editor but wanted to become a professional musician. I began my college career as music major, but I had to switch majors because I couldn’t get over stage fright,” said, Mrs. Breakwell. According to Mrs. Breakwell, once she changed careers from music to teaching, she found that it was really fun and never looked back. When she was first a teacher and before she came to SJHS, she taught English at Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah, and also at Snow College in Ephraim, Utah. She also has been happily married for twenty-five years.

In Mrs. Breakwell’s class the theme is The Quest. “I chose the theme 'The Quest' not only because we are the Knights here at Springville, but because we all spend our whole lives questing for things that will make us happy. Happiness is the ultimate treasure, and we all want to succeed at finding whatever it is that makes each of us happy, both in the short term and the long term.” According to Mrs. Breakwell, it is important for us to recognize that each of us live our lives questing. “It’s not only one of the world’s greatest literary themes, but one of life's great models as well,” said Mrs. Breakwell.

In Mrs. Breakwell’s class, the students will be working on their novels, short stories, poems, and writing all in the quest format. For an example, they have been working on writing short stories about themselves using the quest pattern. In her class they are going to be reading books like A Wrinkle in Time and Romeo and Juliet from a quest prospective.

Here are a couple of things that the students like about her class. Sean Tedrow, an eighth-grade student at SJHS, said, “My favorite part about her class is writing stories.” On the other hand Emily Haruch, an eighth-grade student at SJHS, said, “I like doing the people activities. She is also a good teacher.” 

Kallie Whitby, SJHS Staff Writer