A New Hobby at SJHS

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Part of the Springville Junior High School's mission is to help students become successful learners.  One way the school fulfills this mission is through Quest Time (20 minutes to go to an extra-curricular class of the students’ choice).  One Quest Time activity that is getting students pumped up is Mrs. Linda Woodfield’s knitting class.  Every Monday in between third and fourth periods, students can go to Mrs. Woodfield’s room to learn this new hobby.  Julie Barlow, an eighth grader at SJHS who goes to the class, said, “It’s great because the yarn is really fluffy, and you can be creative.”

The creative kids of knitting have made many things out of string.  They have made hot pads, scarves, and bookmarks.  Students have even asked if they could learn to make hats.  Abby Mangum, another eighth-grade student at SJHS, said, “My favorite thing about knitting is making scarves for the winter.”

However, Mrs. Woodfield also says that when she has a lot of people who are just beginning to learn, trying to teach them all individually in just 20 minutes can be stressful.  She said, “I would LOVE to have help from people in the community who know how to knit—just the basic stitch.”  So, knitting-crazy citizens of Springville, please contact Springville Junior High to find out more.

If students really want to learn this new skill, they can come every single week.  If they just want to see if knitting is for them, they can still just come whenever they want to.  Mrs. Woodfield encourages all students to come, saying “Knitting is good to learn because it is something you can do while doing other things, like traveling or watching TV.”

Claire Hatch, SJHS Staff Writer