Quest Time: SJHS Quest to Excellence

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A new program has arrived for the Springville Junior High Knights. At the start of a new school year everyone is buzzing about Quest Time. Quest Time is a program that the entire school participates in, and it has been implemented because of the hard work of a group of our teachers.  A major purpose of this program is fulfilling our responsibility as Springville Junior High Knights. According to Springville Junior High we are to become “Effective Communicators, Responsible Citizens and Successful Learners.” Quest Time gives students the opportunity to succeed.

Quest Time is a twenty minute period of either enrichment or intervention; it’s scheduled after third period.  Students get the opportunity during the period to get additional help from teachers or participate in a variety of activities.  Students with D’s F’s or I’s go to intervention, where they go to the class they are deficient in. Those students will get extra help from their teachers and improve their grades and get additional help in areas they may struggle with. Mr. Ryan Chambers, the health teacher at the junior high, said, “Kids are ‘forced’ to get better grades.”  Students with deficient grades will not be able to enjoy the enrichment activities planned unless they bring their grades up.

Students with A’s, B’s and C’s will get rewarded; they can choose to go to an enrichment activity or they can also get additional help from their teachers. Students who have good grades can still get help.  All teachers have the opportunity to teach a Quest Time enrichment class. Some activities students get to participate in are sewing, sign language, guitar, karaoke, and magic.  Mr. Blakey said the counselors are going to have a fun room which will have a Wii, TV, ping pong table, pool table and more. 

The idea for Quest Time came from other schools in Nebo School District. Diamond Fork Junior High was one of our biggest inspirations with their E Time program; it was very successful there.  E Time is fun and helpful to the students at DFJHS. We call our program Quest Time because of our mascot, the knights. According to Katie Beisinger, eighth-grade student at Springville Junior High, she likes Quest Time better than last year’s Learning Strategies because students are able to participate in activities that interest them.

Mrs. Brenda Bales, attendance secretary at the junior high, said, “If you make the most of Quest Time, it can work to your benefit.”

Emilee Christensen, SJHS Staff Writer