SJHS is Alive with “The Sound of Music”

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When students walk down the hallways of SJHS, there is noise and busy bodies, but once class starts a new sound can be heard in the southeast corner of the school. That’s where band class has begun. Students start the hour with scales to warm up their instruments and then move on to practice their weekly playing test. Then Star Wars theme songs and Swahili Folk Hymns can be heard.

Classes are divided up by grade. Seventh graders are split up by sections so they can learn the ins and outs of their new instruments. Then, once in eighth grade, students form a true band. Ninth graders move on to more difficult pieces. Instruments include trumpets, trombones, baritones, and tubas. Then woodwinds instruments, with saxophones, clarinets and flutes.

Mr. Booth, SJHS band teacher, has been teaching band for 15 years. He also worked as a roofer, landscaper, and at a lumber mill. According to Mr. Booth, his favorite thing about teaching band is getting to know and work with so many awesome students. Mr. Booth’s favorite instrument is “whatever is in my hands at the time.”

Some of the things students enjoy in band class are Mr. Booth’s funny stories and Mikayla Crystal, ninth grader, said, “First of all, he’s bald… automatic plus.” Emily Merrill, ninth grader, said, “He is so funny, he always makes the band laugh, and he is a great teacher at the same time!” Students appreciate how Mr. Booth helps them along the way with difficult pieces.

Band students look forward to participating in concerts and festivals. Everyone is looking forward to a great year in Springville Junior High band.

Andalyn Hall, SJHS Staff Writer