SJHS Leaves Drugs in the Past

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“Leave drugs in the past,” was one of the many quotes going around Springville Junior High during their Red Ribbon Week. Red Ribbon Week is a week where students and teachers dress to the theme of the day and pledge to stay drug free. From October 22 to 29th each day had its own quote; the quote mentioned earlier belongs to Retro Day. 

Retro Day was the day were students dressed up as a hippie or any other kind of outfit representing the past. This is a fun and creative way to help students stay off drugs. “I think if you use your imagination then it could be helpful,” said Zach Droubay, ninth grader and vice president of the student council.   

Students wore tie-dyed shirts and peace sign glasses, but the one person who went all out for this day was Leni Neifui, an eighth grader at SJHS. He dressed up in a lime green, purple and white jumpsuit with a bushy afro to top it all off.

One of the ways our school has encouraged kids to stay off drugs is by having an assembly; before getting to the assembly, no one knew what it was about. Most kids had heard that it was a karaoke party, but no student or teacher could find out what it was really about. To everyone’s surprise it was a drug free karaoke assembly starring Corbin White, who gave students a “Natural High” speech saying you don’t need drugs to feel good. Students had a great time rocking out to the music and singing along to their favorite songs.

Shannon Lott, SJHS Staff Writer