Spotlight on Scrapbooking at SJHS

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The twenty minute break between third and fourth period (otherwise known as Quest Time) has opened many doors for students with passing grades to develop extracurricular skills. One of the available enrichment activities is scrapbooking, taught by Ms. Carrie Parker in room 29.

In scrapbooking, Ms. Parker provides a few materials such as markers, scissors, and paper, but students have to bring in the majority of items they wish to use.  According to Ms. Parker, students can also write letters or notes and decorate them. 

Ms. Parker normally teaches aerobics, jogging, and body conditioning. However, she really enjoys scrapbooking and decided to teach it for Quest Time.

One student who enjoys scrapbooking is Leah Morales, an eighth grader at SJHS. “My mom and I worked on scrapbooking, and it seemed fun to do at school!” said Leah.  According to Leah, it’s really cool to work on things and be able to take it home and save forever.

Amanda Ripley, SJHS Staff Writer