Springville Junior Goes Freestyle without drugs

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Springville Junior High School recently finished up Red Ribbon Week, starting on Friday the 22nd of October and ending on Thursday the 28th. Red Ribbon Week is a special school week where students and teachers dress up to show their independence from drugs. Friday was crazy hair day, Monday was sports day, Tuesday was switch day, Wednesday was retro day, and Thursday was freestyle day.

On Freestyle Day students dressed up in whatever described them the best, fit their personality if you will. Many teachers and students got into freestyle day, dressing up in all types of clothes, including suits with ties, hair standing up on each end, and even funny dresses and gowns. Many of the students and teachers dressed up for Freestyle Day. Some students even dressed in full body costumes, some of these were banana suits, Chinese dresses, tuxedos with ties, and even a jar of mustard.

The main reason for Red Ribbon Week is to show the importance of staying away from drugs. Mrs.  Gleave, math teacher at SJHS, said, “When your mind is clear you are able to make decisions based on your beliefs and experiences. However, when you take drugs your mind gets cloudy and confused. Your decisions are then based on fear and misperceptions.” Some students claim the earlier you learn about drugs and their effects, the better chance you have on saying no to drugs later on in life. According the Bryan Montag, ninth grader at Springville Junior High, learning early in life is essential to taking the steps to happiness. Saying no to drugs could very well be the best decision of your life. 

Tyler Condie, SJHS Staff Writer