Students Cook for the Foods Class

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In Mrs. Natalie Luke’s foods class, all the students get the chance to get up in front and teach. Students pick a food that they want to make in their demonstration, bring food from home and make it all together at the demonstration counter at the front of the room. While the student is demonstrating their food they tell the rest of the class how it is done. When the food is ready it is served in sample size to the whole class so everyone can try it. The demonstrations will be held in November and January.

According to Mrs. Luke, she decided to do demonstrations because it gives the students a chance to show their skills and what they have learned, and it gives the student a chance to share their knowledge of a food they like to make with their peers. Mrs. Luke said, “It is such a fun way to gather recipes and try new foods for everyone in the class, including me.”

The demonstrations are very exciting to the students. Alex Valenzuela, an eighth-grade student at SJHS, said, “I am so excited! I love being able to show people how good our family’s food is.” Even when the students find out they will be getting up in front of everyone, they are still excited. Tiare Spencer, also an eighth grader at SJHS, said, “I like the demonstrations because we get to eat other people’s foods.”

Mrs. Luke is really proud of her students. Mrs. Luke said, “Students do amazing jobs on their demonstrations. There is always a little apprehension, but that happens any time you get up in front of other students.” SJHS is happy to have such a wonderful teacher to teach us about great foods and nutrition.

Faith Atkinson, SJHS Staff Writer