Students Design School Yearbook

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The yearbook class is unlike any other. Let’s start at the beginning of yearbook, the yearbook staff. The students in the class are Jen Bate, Tyler Oman, Celeborn Stringham, Payton Acor, Stacy Stapel, Kara DeMelo, Zach Droubay, and Austin Dayton. Ms. Rachel Neeley, seventh-grade English teacher, is the yearbook advisor. The yearbook staff takes all of the pictures and designs the yearbook during seventh period.

“It is not hard to sign up for yearbook. But it is a little difficult to be accepted into yearbook. You have to be interviewed by the staff and lots of people want to get in, but only a select few do,” said Stacy Stapel, an eighth-grade student at SJHS. The staff members decided to apply for the yearbook because they thought it would be fun and also because their teachers urged them to.   Also, according to Austin Dayton, an eighth-grade student at SJHS, it takes talent to get in!

In the yearbook class they put together the yearbook and have fun. According to Ms. Neeley, the yearbook teacher at SJHS, the class is small (only eight kids), and they are all working on the different pages that they were assigned. Some might be working on the computer while some are out taking pictures.

“The yearbook is coming along absolutely fantastic! We are making great progress,” said, Zach Droubay, a ninth-grade student at SJHS. The class is very productive and is always working to make the yearbook great. “We have already designed the front cover and planned the layout for the yearbook. We are now working on our individual pages. The theme is different and we are covering some different topics and events. For example this year we are having a page about Quest Time,” said Ms.Neeley.

It is a good idea for junior high students to buy a yearbook because it is a great way to remember the year!  If students want to buy a yearbook, they need to take $21 to Mrs. Murdock in the finance office. They will receive their yearbook at the end of the year.

Ms. Neeley gave some advice for those students who might want to sign up for the yearbook next year. “Work hard and be a good student.”

Kallie Whitby SJHS Staff Writer