Students Read Skeleton Creek at Springville Junior High

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In Mrs. Mary Rice’s eighth-grade English classes, the students have started reading a book called Skeleton Creek. Mrs. Rice, eighth-grade English teacher and ninth-grade Honors English teacher at SJHS, said, “Skeleton Creek is a multi-genre book about a gold mining mystery. Some of the genres featured include: journal, videos, meeting minutes, newspaper articles, emails, graphs and charts.” Mrs. Rice started the books with her classes about the end of October and they will most likely be finish around the 22nd of November.

Mrs. Rice decided to have her classes read this book because it seemed exciting to her and to all of the students. The students took a vote on several books before they started reading Skeleton Creek. The students were convinced by their peers to read this book. There are two classes reading Skeleton Creek. Mrs. Rice said, “I have been impressed with the enthusiasm the class has for this text. I love it when students support each other in making meaning from text.”

Most of the students are happy to be reading this book. Abby Mangum, an eighth-grade student at SJHS, said, “I really like reading the book because we get to watch clips, and it’s very suspenseful!” Weslie Grimes, another eighth-grade student, said, “I like reading the book because it makes you want to read more and not put the book down.”

Faith Atkinson, SJHS Staff Writer