Students Start Over With Second Term

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At Springville Junior High School students and teachers are beginning second term. Term one ended on Thursday, October 28. That means that all of the work that the students haven’t turned in yet was due on that day. Students everywhere were getting their final grade printouts for the first term, and also finishing any unfinished work.

Mrs. Lise Carpenter, eighth-grade science teacher at SJHS, said, “Term one went great. I enjoy my students. We also learned a lot this term.”  She also said, “Overall, I think that grades will improve during second term. Now students know what tests will be like and they will be better at turning in work on time.”

At the beginning of the term, all of the students start out with an A. Even if no assignments have been given, the grade will be kept as an A. During the week of the beginning of the term, all the students get to go to Enrichment during Quest Time. No intervention is going on at the time. Morgan Fulkerson, eighth-grade student at SJHS, thinks that grades will improve during term two. Students will know what to expect and will probably try to get better grades.

Morgan Fulkerson said, “I am excited that first term ended and that we will be able to start fresh with new grades in term two.”

Rachel Standley, SJHS Staff Writer