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November 2014

Spotlight: Bentley

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Wed, 11/12/2014 - 08:25
Stephen Gantt, SJHS Staff Writer

Mr. Bentley is a history and geography teacher at SJHS. He enjoys outdoor sports, especially snow sports, and water skiing. He lives in Lindon with his wife and five children. 

Mr. Bentley has been teaching since 1986, when he started at Box Elder High. “I taught history to sophomores and juniors,” said Mr. Bentley. Mr. Bentley explained, “Growing up I enjoyed helping others with their math and so I decided in high school that I wanted to be a math teacher, which changed to social studies when I started college.” 

Mr. Bentley’s students think that he is cool too. “I like Bentley; he is really funny,” said Thomas Mills, a ninth grader. “In class we are learning about the middle east and its many countries and conflicts,” he said. Mr. Bentley is also teaching his class about the themes of civilization and what makes a culture a culture.

Mr. Bentley loves teaching and his students love learning.

Spotlight-Clothing Exploration

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Wed, 11/12/2014 - 08:22
Kallysta Strong, SJHS Staff Writer

There are many electives that students can take here at SJHS. One of those electives is Clothing Exploration. Clothing Exploration is a class where you can sew anything from aprons to bags! Ms.Bird, who is also a CTE teacher, teaches this class. It is a class for one semester and is open for eighth graders and ninth graders. 

Anna Allen, an eighth grader who takes Clothing Exploration, said, “I’ve learned a lot from this class. We have learned about textiles and fabrics so we can be better consumers. I also like how we get to work on our own pace and are always keeping busy.” 

Lexi Rogers, also an eighth grader taking Clothing Exploration, said, “We get to make cool things that we use in everyday life.” According to Ms.Bird, the class has made pajama pants, and a gym bag. They are now making a reversible apron and soon will have a mystery project where they can make anything they want to.

Mariah Skinner, an eighth grader who takes Clothing Exploration, loves this class and loves the serger, and says this is a really good class to take if you love to sew.

English with Mrs. Riggs

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Mon, 11/10/2014 - 15:52
Kazdin Lewis, SJHS Staff Writer

Mrs. Riggs, seventh grade Language Arts, eighth grade English, and Creative Writing teacher, is amongst the new arrivals at SJHS this year. However we, the students of SJHS, do not really know who she is.  

Mrs. Riggs actually started out wanting to be a writer and chose Creative Writing as her major.  “As I got further in my schooling, I realized how important it is for young people to gain a love for reading and writing, so I changed my major to English Education,” she said.

Before she taught at SJHS, Mrs. Riggs was down in the Lone Star State teaching at Scott Johnson Middle School in McKinney, Texas.  She also coached the cross country and girl's basketball team in Texas as well.  

Recently Mrs. Riggs’ class has been busy. According to Mrs. Riggs, they are focusing on interactive assignments using Chromebooks and their physical text in seventh grade Language Arts.  In eighth grade English they are focusing on text evidence to support argument claims.  According to Kosner Lewis and Abbi Smith they have also been reading Esperanza Rising, a novel by Pam Munoz Ryan.  Lastly in Creative Writing, Mrs. Riggs said, “We are gearing up for our children’s books, which students will write with a child.” Katelyn Buhler, seventh grader in Mrs. Riggs’ Language Arts class, thinks her class is fun because of all the jokes Mrs. Riggs cracks during the class period.  Monte Taylor, another seventh grader in Mrs. Riggs Language Arts class, agrees saying it is, “not boring.”

Mrs. Riggs has been teaching for three years.    

Well SJHS let us give a warm welcome to one of our new teachers, Mrs. Riggs.

Opinions of SJHS Lunch

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Mon, 11/10/2014 - 15:50
McCade Dixon, SJHS Staff Writer

Lunch at SJHS is most students favorite period, even though some students do not like all of the lunches here.

According to Kaden Garcia, a student at SJHS, he does not like all of the food at SJHS, but he likes second lunch better because they have seconds.  A lot of other students, like Carter Shepherd, an eighth grader at SJHS, likes the food here and would eat it outside of school.  “I’ve liked everything I’ve tried here, but my favorite is the orange chicken.”  He also likes second lunch better because he likes to eat lunch later in the day.                

According to Mr. Rowley, an assistant principal at SJHS, the lunch ladies made the pretzel bites a lot better and they taste super good.  “It is clear to me that students like the pizza the most. It is by far the most popular item.  Students seem to also enjoy the orange chicken and the teriyaki chicken.”  

Cole Gierisch, an eighth grader at SJHS, said, “I’m glad I have first lunch because they never run out of food like second lunch does.”  He also liked the lunch last year better than this year, because he liked the lunchroom of the old school better.

Although some students may not like the lunch at SJHS, a lot more students do like the lunch here.  The most liked lunches are pizza and orange chicken.

Nationwide School Vending Machine Policy

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Mon, 11/10/2014 - 15:49
Julia Collier, SJHS Staff Writer

On July 1, 2014, schools nationwide put a policy in place that got rid of all the items in the vending machine that had high sugar, calorie, fat, or caffeine. This got rid of any candy, caffeinated beverage, and soda. 

“The federal government stipulates the type of products we can sell. They reduced the type of fat intake, sugar intake, and caffeine intake to reduce obesity, and diseases like diabetes,” said Mr. Van Ausdal, the principal at Springville Junior High School.

“Vending companies have been told what they can put in there by the school district,” Mr. Van Ausdal said.

This policy is not just in our district though, it is nation wide. The federal government thinks if the students have more healthy choices, they will eat healthier. However, some students disagree.

“I don’t like it at all. It’s our choice if we get fat or not, and students can just bring junk food to school,” said Aubrey Stewart, a student at SJHS.

Mr. Bass the Ice Cream Man!

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Mon, 11/10/2014 - 15:48
Cole Gierisch, SJHS Staff Writer

The Integrated Science class, taught by Mr. Bass, a new science teacher at SJHS, did an ice cream lab on October 9 at SJHS. It was a reward for positive behavior, according to Mr. Bass. 

The best part was making it, according to Autumn Olsen, an eighth grade student in the class. “It is a chance to have students witness first hand the subject they are learning and do something memorable,” said Mr. Bass. 

The class made vanilla and chocolate ice cream by freezing the melted ice cream with liquid nitrogen. Students were able to experience phase change, expansion, contraction, loud explosions, and other cool physical changes.

“I’m happy the ATF or SWAT did not feel the need to show up. Seriously, the kids were great, and we all had fun,” said Mr. Bass.

Spotlight: Ms.Dunn

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Mon, 11/10/2014 - 15:48
Kallysta Strong, SJHS Staff Writer
Ms. Dunn, a seventh and ninth grade English teacher

There are a lot of new teachers here at Springville Junior High. But there are also plenty of old teachers from the old junior high, one being Ms.Dunn, an English teacher.  Ms. Dunn has been at Springville Junior High for four years. She graduated from BYU with her bachelor’s degree. 

According to Ms. Dunn, education is really important, and she feels like reading and writing are two of the most important skills people need to learn. She is an English teacher for seventh and ninth grade, and she is also the journalism teacher. Ms. Dunn loves to work with teenagers because they have great ideas.  

“Ms.Dunn is just a really good teacher,” said Benson Bird, a seventh grader.  

“She understands how to teach and is a cool cat,” said Cayla Giles, a ninth grader who has Ms.Dunn for English.  

Ms.Dunn loves the new school and loves her classroom. When Ms. Dunn is not teaching she loves to play tennis, read, watch movies, and travel. She traveled to Europe this summer for two weeks and had a great time.         

Ms. Dunn is a great teacher and great addition to the SJHS faculty staff.

SJHS Cross Country Team

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Mon, 11/10/2014 - 15:46
Isaac Hodson, SJHS Staff Writer

The SJHS Cross Country team has been doing great in their meets so far this fall. The team practices every day. Sometimes they run around the field behind the school and other times they run around surrounding neighborhoods. There are 34 people on the team, 20 boys and 14 girls. “ The girls have won every meet so far this year; the boys have won all but one- they came in second, so we have done really well in our meets so far! We just have the district final left. We’ll see how that goes,” said Mrs. Bodily, the coach of the team.

The cross country team races at our school, Mapleton, Salem, Mt.Nebo, and Payson. “I love running and I have been running my whole life,” said Adam Krieger, a student on the cross country team.

“My favorite thing is watching the athletes improve their times and get new personal records. (I think I get more excited than they do!). I also just love working with them; they are such a great group of kids,” said Mrs. Bodily, the coach of the team. 

In the boys’ first meet, Grant Gardner, a student at SJHS, came in first with a time of 8 minutes and 20 seconds. Brandon Garnica came in third, Cooper Riggs came in sixth, and Adam Krieger came in seventh. So over all, the boys did great. In the girls’ second whole meet, Marissa Larkin, a student at SJHS, came in second with a time of 9 minutes and 56 seconds. Mariah Skinner came in third, Ella Park came in fourth, and Claire Duncan came in fifth. The girls team did great as well.

Spotlight: Mrs. Bass

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Mon, 11/10/2014 - 15:46
Hailey Sandate, SJHS Staff Writer
Mrs. Bass, an eighth grade English teacher at SJHS

Mrs. Bass, an English teacher at SJHS, has been an English teacher for 13 years, and has been teaching at SJHS for 9 years. 

“My favorite part of teaching is working with kids. I love interacting and helping others explore ideas, find new information, make connections, and share,” said Mrs. Bass. 

“It’s a little ironic why I chose to become an English teacher. I always felt like writing was my weakness. But as I learned how to become a better writer, I feel like I was able to change my story and make writing a strength. If I could figure it out, then why couldn’t I help others figure it out too,” said Mrs. Bass. 

According to Mrs. Bass she also teaches an ESL class. Mrs. Bass has also has a PE degree and taught PE for four years at the high school level. 

“She is funny, nice and makes English fun,” said Madison Petersen, a student in Mrs. Bass’ English class. Madison likes how Mrs. Bass lets the students do more activities where they can talk to each other. 

According to Kaden Garci and Flynn Golding, students in Mrs. Bass’s class, Mrs. Bass is nice and she makes English easy, and it is easy to learn in her class.

Student Lunch Workers

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Mon, 11/10/2014 - 15:44
Lindsey Batty, SJHS Staff Writer

According to Bonnie Cuthill, a lunch worker for SJHS, lunch working is a blast! She said her and the other lunch ladies have a lot of fun in the back in the kitchen. She said she does not get hungry while she is working because she can get a great variety of food during her own lunch break. She lunch works because it is a perfect job for a mom. She leaves when her kids leave to go to school, and when she gets home her kids get home right after her. She never gets bored because  there is always something to be done. Bonnie is in charge of the salad and the potato bar.

Alex Duke, a student lunch worker, said that lunch working is fun, and he likes to work. He never gets hungry while he is lunch working. Alex lunch works because he gets free lunches every day that he works lunch. Alex is in charge of giving lunches to people. 

Kylie Lealiifano, a student lunch worker, loves lunch working. She said it is really fun and she is helping by doing service for the school and she really loves service. She never gets hungry while shes lunch working. She lunch works because it is a good way to give back to our school by helping. She never gets bored while she is lunch working. Kylie does dishes and line five.


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