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January 2016

Ms. Hamilton

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Tue, 01/05/2016 - 11:39
Destiny Trammel; SJHS Staff Member
Ms. Hamilton, an eighth grade math teacher

Ms. Hamilton, a teacher at Springville Junior High, teaches math and is in charge of Quest Time. She was awarded the Nebo School District Teacher of the Year award last April. She is very fun and outgoing. She loves her students and they love her. 

Andrew Tidwell, in her second period class, said, ”She deserves to be teacher of the year.” According to Andrew Tidwell, she is a good teacher, and he loves her as his math teacher. She helps him understand math better than the past years. He is glad that she is his math teacher. 

Mr. Rowley, the assistant principal, said, “She is awesome at teaching, and I am glad she is the top teacher of the year.”He also said she deserves it, and she is a great teacher.

Ms. Hamilton is in charge of Quest. She likes being in charge, but it is a lot of work, but she knows it is useful for students. Ms. Hamilton got asked to help out with Quest Time because they needed someone to do the schedule, and so she said she would do it.

Trip To Space

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Tue, 01/05/2016 - 11:37
Crew Gandolph; SJHS Staff writer

On Tuesday October 29, Mr. Kindrick, Mr. Jesnsen and Mrs. Caras at Springville Junior High took 175 ninth grade students on a field trip to the Salt Lake Clark Planetarium, to gain a better understanding of the galaxy. It was an awesome field trip, and everyone enjoyed it. According to Mr. Kindrick, a science teacher at SJHS, he would definitely do it again.

At the planetarium, students learned about black holes, and how a mission to space goes. They learned how important our planet is, and why it has kept us alive. Everyone got into the dome theater about an hour after they arrived, and everyone loved it. Students laid back and looked up to this big dome theater and watched a video on black holes. According to Giovanni Muniz, a ninth grader at SJHS, that was his favorite one. After the video on black holes, students all got free popcorn and a soft drink and went over to the Imax theater where they received 3-D glasses for the next movie. According to Jacky Rogers, a ninth grader at SJHS, it was awesome. “The Imax one was my favorite one,” said Shawn Johnston, a ninth grader at SJHS.

After the movie was over, the students had free time.  And went to they were right next to The Gateway mall. Most of the students went to the food court, about one third of the students that went to the food court went to Panda Express.        

Mr. Kindrick liked the field trip so much that he said he will do it again, so buckle up eighth graders, you are in for a blast off.

Health is really FUN this year!

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Tue, 01/05/2016 - 11:36
Dianna Munoz; SJHS Staff Writer
Michael Giles, an eighth grader, dressed as a farmer for Green Ribbon Week

Green Ribbon week is a new thing that the eighth grade health teacher, Mr. Hammon, started. It is his first year teaching here. He is a really good teacher; all his students like him because he can teach them without writing notes and paper. One of his students Jasmine Jonas is the student that made green ribbon week happen. Mr. Hammon also made them not eat sugar at home and less fast food. All the students in enjoyed it. 

Mr. Hammon said, “Our nutrition goals for the week were: 1-Less sugar, 2-More water, 3-Avoid processed foods, 4-No soda, and 5-No fast food.  Students can try to do all of these, some, or none - it's up to them.  The students came up with these goals.  They also came up with the dress-up days: Tuesday - wear a jersey, Wednesday - dress like a farmer, Thursday - wear green.  The students came up with those dress-up days too.  I love how it builds classroom community.  Healthy choices and nutrition improvement are great goals, and I think if a big group of students are all working towards those goals together then great things will come about.  I've already heard stories from students and parents about how they've made really big choices in  their eating habits.  It's awesome!  There's always a lot of positive feelings in my class and it's because of my great students, their comments, and their ideas.”

Kimberly Bartholomew said Mr. Hammon makes learning fun just the ways he does. Cordon Nuttall said health his favorite, “I think it's a class I would use my whole life. It's something I would use.”

Quest Time Chef at SJHS!

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Tue, 01/05/2016 - 11:33
Kennedy Huston; SJHS Staff Writer
An Executive Chef, Ms. Hunter, presents during Windows to the Workplace

On October 27 chef Ms. Hunter came to SJHS during Quest Time as part of Windows to the Workplace, to teach students about being a chef. Ms. Hunter works for New Skin, at The Spoon, as the executive chef. She had a powerpoint to show the students things about being a chef, and explained what it was like for her to be a chef. Ms. Hunter became a chef shortly after she got a divorce. Her grandma was the one to encourage her to pursue her dreams.

Quincy Smart, a seventh grader, said she learned “it's not an easy as it looks.” There are three ways to become a chef. One is you move up through the ranks starting at the bottom, and eventually working your way up to a chef position. Two is you go to a culinary school and earn a degree as a chef; it takes about two to four years to get a degree for a chef. Three is a traditional apprenticeship where you do some school and you do some hands on work to become a chef. There are lots of different types of chefs. There is the executive chef, the sous-chef and many others; those two are the most important chefs in the kitchen and the ones in charge.

Chefs make money depending on their rank, and even the highest the ranking chefs do not make a lot of money; an executive chef (the person in charge of a kitchen) earns a median salary of $67,995; while a sous chef (the person who reports to the executive chef) earns a median salary of $42,501. Angela Lopez, a seventh grader, said she learned “that when you work as a chef, you don’t work for the money, you work for the love.”

Fly Fishing Field Trip

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Tue, 01/05/2016 - 11:31
Cole Gierisch; SJHS Staff Writer

Students at SJHS had the chance to go on a fly fishing field trip on October 22, after learning how to catch fish during the PE unit. They fished lower Provo River, according to Mr. Chambers, a PE coach at SJHS. About 25 students went on the field trip, according to Mr. Chambers.

Two fish were caught, according to Alex Middlebrook, a ninth grade student at SJHS who went to the fly fishing trip.

In the fly fishing unit, students learned how to fish before fishing actual rivers. “It was good for everyone, if you already know how to fish or if you’re learning and new to fishing,” said Zach Graves, a seventh grade student at SJHS.

The coaches that organized the fly fishing trip hope it will start an interest for some of the students in the unit and field trip. “Hopefully some kids will pick it up as a hobby and turn it into something they love actively doing,” said Mr. Chambers.

“Fly fishing is a passion of mine and a great way to get outdoors and be active,” said Coach Chambers.


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