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October 2016

National Jr. Honors Society

Submitted by tara.pina on Wed, 10/05/2016 - 13:45
Article by Emma Biesinger

The National Jr. Honors Society or NJHS is a service leadership organization for high achieving students. This is the clubs first year and they are off to a great start.

Mrs. Ottley, the Advisor of NJHS, explains how you can get in, “You can get in if you apply and have 3.8 GPA and a history of service and leadership in the community. It is only for 8th and 9th graders.”

“We have an induction ceremony, we have individual service projects, and we take fun field trips.” says Mrs. Ottley. Anna Birch, the Vice President of the society, does organization on the projects and people tell her the service hours they did. Cameron Ottley, the Treasurer in the society, makes sure they have money to do fun service projects. Each member of the society has a very important job, and that is to do service hours. If you do not like to doing jobs for free then this is not the kind of organization for you. In the Honors Society, you are in charge of making sure you do a certain amount of service hours per semester. But in the end it is all worth it. Anna Birch explains that the reason she did this was that she wanted to put it on her college application. Mrs. Ottley says,”It will help you become a better citizen and leader, but it will also help you get into great colleges.”

And lastly, some advice for the people that are interested in doing this, “Work hard and serve your community.” says Mrs. Ottley and, “Make sure to get good grades and be a good student.” says Cameron Ottley.


Student Banners and School Pride!

Submitted by tara.pina on Wed, 10/05/2016 - 12:43
Article by Anya Keil

This year you all may have noticed the banners of some SJHS students hung up in the commons area. If you haven't I recommend checking them out! 

“I thought they were models!” says Ms. Sullivan, a student teacher to Mrs. Pina. That’s a nice comment! Most of the students interviewed like their banners hung up. It actually has boosted some spirits on their self image! This is a positive change to SJHS!

9th grader, Max Davis said that seeing his face hung up was a confidence boost!  A lot of the students are happy with their pictures and think it's a great way to show what this school stands for: Kindness, chivalry, Integrity, Leadership, Ambition, and so much more! These are real aspects to our school, each student carries these traits with pride and confidence every day, showing school pride, kindness and reliability to each pupil.

The students said that they were chosen by the staff and called down to the office for pictures towards the end of last year. They were great students, therefore they were chosen to represent the school everyday for this whole year

This has seemed to be a great new aspect to SJHS and we should be expecting some new changes later on!

Student Council: Making School a Better Place

Submitted by tara.pina on Wed, 10/05/2016 - 11:20
Article by Alex Yoder

Student Council is a group of sixteen 9th grade students here at SJHS, 5 boys, 11 girls, that we trust in arranging our school activities. They are advised by Mrs. Murray and Ms. Jensen, who double as CTE and English teachers.They are in charge of most things that happen here at the school, from dances, to Red Ribbon week. They are supposed to set an example to the school, and be a friend to all. In this article, we will be spotlighting our amazing student council, and going into depth on their purpose.

The student council has a pretty good idea of what they’re supposed to do for the school. Alyssa Badger, 9th grader on the student council, said, “Our purpose is to make school a better place for students.” Alayna (Laney) Scott, told us the student council are supposed to make students feel included at school. Ms. Jensen, English Teacher and advisor for Student Council said, “The student council's purpose is to help create a bridge between the students and teachers.” However, they don’t just set an example for the school; they also help plan all the school activities. Mrs. Murray, CTE Teacher and authority for the Student Council, told us some of the things the student council’s planning. She said, “Student Council is planning Red Ribbon Week, which is Oct 10-14. We are also planning a school-wide food drive and some fun holiday and Christmas activities in December, including a door decorating contest for the teachers.”  

The majority of the student council enjoys being a member of the council. Laney Scott said, “My favorite thing about it is being involved with the school.” Ishmael Mavae, student council member, told us his favorite thing about it is going to the school and helping the students around. The advisors like helping the council too. Mrs. Murray said “ I love student council! It's fun getting to know these students and working with them. They're all really awesome kids.”

While there is much to love about being on student council, the students did have a couple things that they don't like about it. Emma Bair, member of student council, told us she didn’t like going to Quest Time to work on activities, when she could be making up work in a different class or talking with friends. Sam Daybell told us sometimes it could be “overwhelming”. Some of the other members shared this feeling.

Mrs. Murray has been advising the student council for 6 years. She told us she loved helping the student council, along with Ms. Jensen. Ms. Jensen hasn’t been doing it as long, she started this year, but also told us she’s loved doing student council during the time he’s done it. Her purpose is to do whatever the students or Mrs. Murray need.

Thanks for leading our school, and being a positive example student council, keep on doing what you’re doing!


SJHS Weird and Funny Events

Submitted by tara.pina on Mon, 10/03/2016 - 10:17
Article by Corwynn Waycasy


SJHS is a really weird place sometimes, and it is getting weirder by the minute. Some of this is because we are always being ourselves. The teachers were asked about their funniest experiences at SJHS.

The principal, Mr. McGuire, mentioned that while watching the school security cameras he has seen a lot of people just stop in the middle of the hallway and start dancing. That would be a pretty funny thing to see. So if you like to just to stop in the middle of the hallway and start dancing, you may make someone watching the security film laugh some day.

Mr. Jensen, an 8th and 9th grade science teacher, said students say a lot of weird things like “If I weigh 100 pounds and lose 100 pounds what will happened?" It seems like a lot of people at SJHS are real jokers.

Ms. Pina, an English Teacher, said she had a funny experience when she first met the twins Brayden and Braxton Powell. She had one 5th period and one 6th period. Braxton, in 5th period, left at the end of class as Brayden, his brother, came in for the next class during 6th period. Ms. Pina was freaking out and then she realized that they were twins.

One thing Mrs. Shepherd, the Dean of Students, said that was insteresting is that in each hall of the school, a student will try to open the locker they think is theirs. The locker combo is always one combo number off and it opens. When they come back 1 or 2 periods later, they try to open the locker again but this time it doesn’t work somehow. Students then have all their stuff stuck in that locker which would not be fun.

So next time you think we do a lot of boring stuff at SJHS, remember we also have a lot of fun each and every day.



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