Ask Seka: Singin’ In The Rain

Article by Sekaquaptewa Groves, SJHS Student Staff Writer

Going into the the SJHS production of Singin’ In The Rain I really wasn’t expecting anything special. The production started 15 minutes late, so I was extremely surprised when I got to experience a stunningly beautiful play. I was very surprised, this being a small J.R. High production, that I genuinely enjoyed the play. I thought the set was simple but very nice, and the lighting was excellent. The actor knew their lines and had a lot of emotion. I was thoroughly impressed.

Monte Taylor and Hannah Henage star as Don Lockwood and Kathy Seldon. Hannah did an amazing job, her voice was powerful and her acting skills were A+.  Monty was a natural and I can’t think of anyone better suited to play the role of Don Lockwood.

The songs were very well executed. “You are my lucky star” was the highlight of the show. The number was wrapped up in so much emotion, and it was a perfect end to a beautiful musical. Most of the songs were good, the sound system was much improved from last year. The only number that I didn’t enjoy was “Make them laugh” because there was too much going on for my attention span, although Bryce Chambers did excellent on the unicycle.

I loved the costumes, especially Hannah's green dress. Kennady Bird and Haylee Carpenter both did outstanding jobs even though they didn’t have as large of parts. All in all, this play was very enjoyable and I would definitely see it again.