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January 2020

Ball is Life

Submitted by tara.pina on Wed, 01/22/2020 - 11:35
Article written by student: Carter Turley

 Some people have a lot of different opinions on their favorite sports. Some like soccer, others like football, but no one loves basketball like SJHS. This year there is a whole new 9th grade boys team and they’re ready to play their favorite game. They consist of twelve awesome 9th graders, all strong, hard-working, basketball killing machines. Read on to learn more about the team.

      “Before we start our games or the day we start our games, we mentally prepare ourselves and review our defensive plays,” said a humble Mitchell McConnell as he talks about how he prepares himself before the game. On the same page as Mitchell, Spencer Park also talks about how he prepares for games. He says,” What do I do to prepare for games? That’s easy. We always practice hard and go all out in our practices and before the game. I especially try to work on things I’m not very good at or mess up on whether it be jump shots, defense, or whatever.” Meanwhile, Ryder talks about how the team has been bonding. He starts,” Yeah, we are a growing team and we haven’t been together for very long, but we’re already building very strong relationships with one another and we’re gaining the trust we need.” 

      One thing the players can all agree on, is that SJHS’ student section is the best student section in the world, no doubt about it. While talking to Ryder, Spencer, and Mitchell, they agreed that the student section is amazing. They stated,“We love our student section and it’s awesome to watch so many of our friends come to our games and support us. They’re always loud, supportive, very hyped, and their chants are the best.” So watch out everyone, because here come the Knights!

Dribble and Shoot: Girls Basketball

Submitted by tara.pina on Wed, 01/22/2020 - 11:34
Article was written by student: Tava Groves

      The girls on the ninth grade basketball team are talented in many ways. They are incredibly talented on the court, but they are also talented in being amazing people off the court.

       According to Mr. Hammon, “The best part of coaching is the girls. It is so awesome to watch them succeed and get better, and they also make me laugh every day.”  “The girls” as Mr. Hammon mentioned are the ninth-grade girl’s basketball team- Katie Anderson, Elise Barson, Kristine Bartholomew, Georgia Dial, Amanda Felix, Juliana Giles, Angela Harris, Paris Herrick, Karolina Juarez, Suli Lauaki, and Natalie Parker. 

     In an interview with one of the team captains, Zoie Smith, she said, “I tried out for basketball because being a part of the team is just super fun. My favorite memory of the team is cheering on my teammates in a tight game” The team of ninth-graders practice hard 3 Times a week, or whenever they don’t have a game.  with Coach Hatch, a seventh grade Utah Studies teacher, and Mr. Hammon the eight-grade health teacher.

     So far the team has has great season. SJHS hopes to see them win the tournament at the end of the season. Good Luck!

Basketball Student Section

Submitted by tara.pina on Wed, 01/22/2020 - 09:34
Article written by student: Brooke Constantine

SJHS has a really good basketball team, both girls and boys, but what brings the team together is our student section.  The student section is there to cheer on the team and to watch their peers play basketball. SJHS’s basketball would not be the same without the student section.

The student section is coordinated by a couple of 9th graders: Gus Ellison, Brooks Thorpe, Jayden Brown, Sophie Hunt, Mia Montgomery and Lofi Mavae.  What do these students like most about being in charge of the student section? Sophie Hunt replied, “Getting people to go to the games and dress up.”  How do they come up with the dress up themes? Gus Ellison replied saying, “ We have a group and we talk about what we want to do as a theme.” The students love to go to games and cheer on their classmates.  On December Thursday the 5th we played Mapleton and it was the largest student section we have ever had. What do the students like most about our student section? Gunner Bowers said, “It's fun, loud and a good time.”  Jocelyn Hunt said, “It brings our school and everyone together.” The students love the noise from the cheers, it helps hype the team up. What has been the students favorite theme? Most students replied with the Camo Out.  What future themes do the students here at SJHS think would be fun? Will Hammon gave the great idea of a Patriotic out, we also had a solid red or blue out, Hawaiian theme, mom or dad out and more.

Students here at SJHS have given excellent school spirit.  If you haven't been to a game you are missing out! The basketball game is good and fun and the student section is loud and proud!  Keep it up Student Section!

Girls Basketball Coaches

Submitted by tara.pina on Wed, 01/22/2020 - 09:30
Article written by student: Amanda Felix

        A coach is someone that guides the team. The girls basketball team practices every day that they don't have a game. The coaches are a big part of the team, they lead them. A coach devotes their time to the team so they can achieve greatness.  

         The girls basketball coaches are none other than Mrs. Hatch and Mr. Hammon. They have coached other sports team for the Jr. High. Mr Hammon and Mrs. Hatch have both coached track and cross country together. In addition to coaching track and cross country, they decided to try coaching basketball this year. Mr Hammon was in charge of the score table last year, he enjoyed watching the games so he decided to give coaching a try.  At practice Mrs. Hatch decides to focus on the fundamentals and to improve on ball handling. Other skills that the team is focusing on for the upcoming games, is boxing out. When asked why Mrs. Hatch decided to coach she said “I love seeing students out of the classroom.” One of their favorite parts of coaching is the all the fun times and laughter that they have together. 

          Coaches play a very important role on a sports team. Mr. Hammon and Mrs. Hatch are phenomenal coaches and make basketball a party. Thank you coaches for all the that you do for the team! 

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