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November 2015

Ms. Bird’s Sewing Class

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Thu, 11/05/2015 - 10:19
Destiny Trammel; SJHS Staff Writer
Bryce Chambers, a student in Mrs. Bird's sewing class
A student in Mrs. Bird's sewing class

Ms. Bird has been teaching sewing for eleven years. Sewing is her favorite thing to do. She loves her students. She also loves working as a sewing teacher. She is a hard working mother of four, and a loving wife for thirty years.

In her sewing classes students make duffle bags, pajamas, two sided aprons,and quilts. Controlling the sewing machines is very easy if you know what you are doing. The classes have tests before they get to make anything, and students have to pass at 100%. 

For the first three weeks they do paperwork to get to know the sewing machines and to know what they are going to be doing when they sew. They do have homework here and there if she needs them to. When she makes them do work it is usually notes, she makes writing notes fun and easy. 

Last year Ryann Brockbank and Bethany Stewart were in Ms. Bird’s class; they said she was really fun, but not so easy. They said that they made duffle bags, but before they ever sewed they had to take a test and pass it at 100%. They also said she was very nice, and she was always there to helped if they needed it.

Spotlight on Ms. Pina

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Thu, 11/05/2015 - 10:11
Kennedy Huston; SJHS Staff Writer
Ms. Pina, a seventh grade Language Arts teacher

Ms. Pina is a seventh grade English teacher at SJHS. Ms. Pina has been at SJHS for two years. According to Ms.Pina, she likes to teach seventh grade because she loves having 90 minutes. She feels like she can spend more time on reading and doing other activities. She also likes being able to spend  more time with her students. “I am so proud of my students when I see them succeeding and doing cool things (like winning the district poetry slam),” said Ms. Pina.

According to Marsha Wood, a seventh grade student at SJHS, Ms. Pina is really nice and funny, and she has a great taste in books (and jokes). Hekela Mavae, a seventh grade student at SJHS said, “She is funny. She’s like a kid, but still acts like a grown up.” 

According to Ms. McBride, an eighth grade English teacher at SJHS, Ms. Pina gets along great with the other English teachers! “We all have become really good friends.” She loves working with Ms.Pina.  According to Ms. McBride, Ms. Pina really cares about her students. She tries to find the most effective and most enjoyable ways to teach them.

“She is so welcoming to new teachers. We all adore her!” said Ms. Ottley, a seventh grade English teacher at SJHS. According to Ms. Bass, an eighth grade English teacher at SJHS, she has a great handle on technology and is willing to share her knowledge. According to Ms.Jensen, a seventh grade teacher at SJHS, Ms. Pina is wonderful to work with! She always has great ideas and loves thinking of fun and educational opportunities for her students. She is very organized and energetic.

According to Ms. Pina one of her hobbies is art, which you can tell from the artwork around her classroom. She likes going to concerts with her husband. She also got a puppy and enjoys training her and taking her on hikes. Ms. Pina said her favorite memory from teaching is, “One day I decided to curl my hair, when I normally don’t. A student asked me if I just took a nap during first period. Funny things like that stick with me.” Ms. Pina’s favorite color is purple; her favorite candy is Almond Snickers. 

“Ms. Pina is a great listener, and a she’s a fantastic teacher and friend,” said Ms Ottley.

Field Trip Proves to Be a Blast

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Thu, 11/05/2015 - 10:07
Bethany Stewart; SJHS Staff Writer

On the 28th of September, several students went golfing for the first of many field trips for PE.  According to Coach Parker, a PE teacher at SJHS, they went to the East Bay Executive Golf Course.  They left at 8:20 and got back at 1:50.  Coach Chambers, Coach Parker, Coach Gerhauser, and Mr. Kindrick went with the students.

Ishmael Mavae, an eighth grade student, said that he went because, “I like to golf and I like whacking the ball.”  According to Sophie Mendivil, a seventh grader here at SJHS, she went to be with her friends and learn to golf.  

Tyler Kelly, an eighth grader at SJHS, said he went because, “I like golfing.”  According to Tyler Kelly, it was fun because they were learning from an instructor.

According to Ishmael Mavae, he learned more about golf than before he went on the field trip.  According to Sophie Mendivil, she would go on another of these field trips because of the fun experience.  Tyler Kelly said he would go on another one of these field trips because, “Field trips are fun.”

Red Ribbon Week Encourages Kids to Say No!

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Tue, 11/03/2015 - 12:34
Ryann Brockbank; SJHS Staff Writer
Jenessa Crystal, Jade Poulson and Bethany Stewart dressed as nerds for Red Ribbon Week

“I’m very excited about Red Ribbon Week!” said Ms. Murray, the food exploration teacher here at Springville Junior High. Red Ribbon Week is a week specifically put together to warn students of the dangers of alcohol and drug use at our school. Red Ribbon Week was October 5-9. Ms. Murray was in charge of putting this week together. To kick off Red Ribbon Week, Zero Fatalities came on Friday, October 2, to give a presentation on underage drinking and drug abuse. 

Laney Scott, an eighth grader, said, “I like how there is an activity every day, so students can participate.” Monday was pajama day. “I like coming to school in my pajamas!” said Ryan Popham, an eighth grader at SJHS. Tuesday was crazy hair and sock day. “I went all out on crazy hair day!” said Gabbie Grimes, an eighth grader. Wednesday, was a day to be a hero, with superhero day.  Eighth grader, Jenessa Crystal said, “I liked superhero day because of the theme, the costumes, and the activity during lunch.” Thursday, one of the most popular days, was nerd day. “I loved dress like a nerd day; that’s like everyday for me!” said Mr. Rowley, assistant principal of SJHS.  And Friday, to show our school spirit and to unite as a school, we all pitched in and wore red, and pledged to not take drugs.

As a school, according to McKenna Patterson, an eighth grade student, we have Red Ribbon Week to prepare students to resist “under the influence” drinking and drug use. She says it is good for us to go to school and learn that lesson. Our world today is a dangerous place. “We want the students to have fun and be safe,” Mr. Rowley said.

Drugs are powerful and a potentially dangerous, life taking device. Red Ribbon Week is designed to help us! “Go SJHS!” said Nate Conrad, an eighth grader.

In Some Classes, You Just Gotta Eat!

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Tue, 11/03/2015 - 12:30
Jade Poulson; SJHS Staff Writer
Students in Mrs. Murray's Foods Class

Mrs. Murray and Mrs. Luke are the foods teachers at SJHS. Foods is a class you can take when you are in eighth or ninth grade. According to Mrs. Luke and Mrs. Murray, students make lots of yummy recipes for occasions and learn about different food groups and new cooking techniques. They also make yummy foods for the holidays, and in ninth grade, students make recipes from around the world.

There are many students in the foods class, and they enjoy it. Sage Bowers, an eighth grader at SJHS, said, “You learn to do it right, and it is not hard.” According to another eighth grader, Austin Mortensen, it is an easy A class, and it is not an intense class. According to Gabi Holly an eighth grader, it is a really fun class if you like eating food and cooking. 

Another eighth grader, Ximena Jimenez, said, “You get to learn new recipes and try new food.”.

According to Mrs. Luke and Mrs. Murray some of the things the eighth and ninth graders have made so far are scones, smoothies, taco salad and muffins. The ninth graders have made pasta from scratch, Scandinavian raspberry ribbons, Icelandic pancakes, chimichangas, Mexican wedding cookies and Brazilian limeade.

Hannah Mason, an eighth grader at SJHS, was recently in a cooking competition. According to Hannah Mason, this competition took place in Salt Lake City, and it is kind of a tradition in their family to do this every year. She said, “My dad has done this with my two other sisters, and it was my turn to do it with him.” She adds, “It was a really big place and there were 10 groups with two people in each group. We had to make three meals with the ingredients they gave us. It was kind of like the show Chopped. Our first dish was apple and bacon chimichangas. Our next dish was scallion and mango pancakes, and for our last dish we made a thai stir fry. In the end, we ended up winning second place and got a 50 dollar gift card to Smith's.”

In conclusion the foods class is amazing, and Mrs. Luke and Mrs. Murray are amazing teachers, and put a lot of money and time into their job and strive to make their students succeed.

Let’s Pump It Up!

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Tue, 11/03/2015 - 12:28
Kinzie Lewis; SJHS Staff Writer

Here at Springville Junior High (SJHS) we have spirit because we have cheerleaders! The eighth grade cheerleaders cheer on SJHS football teams! 

Sophie Noyes, an eighth grade cheerleader, said, “Cheer is so fun. We get to makeup stuff, watch football, get candy, and you get to be with your friends.” According to Abby Carlton, another eighth grade cheerleader, cheer is very enjoyable and the coach is awesome. 

Presley Kennard, another eighth grade cheerleader, said, “ Cheer gets you motivated.”

Haylee Carpenter, another eighth grade cheerleader, said, “Cheer’s a great way to be with friends.” 

Bailee Parker, another eighth grade cheerleader, said, “I freaking love cheer. I'm obsessed with it.” They all said you just work hard on your toe touches and your high kicks. They do practice whenever the coach decides, which is usually twice a week. 

Haylee’s older sister, Marissa, was a cheerleader at Springville High School. Haylee said, “She’s the one who got me motivated, and that’s why I want to do it in high school and next year.” According to Bailee, she is also going to do it next year and in high school. Presley said she was going to do it next year too. “It’s too fun not to,” she said. Abby also is doing it next year because you get to learn new skills. 

Sophie said, “If a girl came up to me and asked me why they should do cheer I would say because cheer’s fun, and you get to see boys play football.” 

Bailee added, “It’s a really good experience. You become obsessed with football and you feel like apart of a family.” 

Presley said, “I would tell them to practice a lot and they’ll enjoy it.” According to Abby, she would say that you get to make new friends. 

Abby said, “I don’t regret doing cheer, even though we had rough times and we argued.” 

Haylee stated, “I don’t regret doing cheer. It’s too fun to stop.”  Sophie does not regret doing cheer because you get to learn. 

Presley added, “I’m new to this school and cheer made me have some new friends.” 

Presley said, “I’ve done cheer since I was eight years old.” Haylee has done cheer for three years, this being her third year. Bailee has been doing cheer for two years, this being her second year. Sophie has done cheer since she was pretty little. This is Abby’s first year, but she plans on doing it for a few more years.

Girls Volleyball Team!

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Tue, 11/03/2015 - 12:28
Dianna Munoz; SJHS Staff Writer
Members of the SJHS Girls Volleyball Team

The Girls volleyball team did awesome! They are ninth and tenth graders playing. Our Springville Junior High girls are Ramzi Farr, Brinlee Paystrup, Emma Schultz, Gracie Thorpe, Mallory Murdoch, Saane Mavae, Jodi Noyes, and Sarah Ohman. They all enjoyed their team. 

Their coach is Ms. Elison; all the girls like her because she makes practice fun. They also enjoy when she pushes them to try to win. She is not harsh, and she is also good at coaching. 

According to  Emma Schultz, one of the players, she loves volleyball, and it is one of her favorite sports. She is also very grateful to be on the the team because it was hard for her to get in.         

Ms. Elison said, “Our record is 8 wins and 9 loss. I don't like to focus on our record though, because I feel like it doesn't truly show how our team plays. More often than not, we are fighting for each game. We always keep the scores close. We push to keep up and we play our best.” Let’s keep up the good work!

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