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November 2016

Want Better Grades? Here Are Some Tips!

Submitted by tara.pina on Thu, 11/10/2016 - 10:09
Article by Kelby Jeppson

During the middle of the term, it can be hard to get out of trouble with grades, because you have too many things to make up, or you have got too far behind.  Lucky for you, it is now the second term at our school and it is a chance to start over and have a fresh start.  If you got too far behind last term, this is the term where you have a chance to do better, and accomplish more.  Trying your best in classes and trying to get good grades will be good for you all through your life.  According to Ms. Pina, an English teacher, you should try to get good grades because for ninth graders, grades count for college.  As for everyone else, getting good grades gives you a sense of accomplishment and you are already in school, so you might as well try!

A new term can be good for many different reasons.  Mr. Krebs, a math teacher, says, “I look forward to a new term because it is a new beginning for students. If they were not successful or maybe a bit on the lazy side the 1st term, they can take the necessary steps to be successful the next term.”  According to Hannah Henage, a ninth grader at our school, the new term is a chance to start over and, “there is no end of term pressure!”  Ms, Pina agrees because she also thinks it is a chance to start over.  She also looks forward to the new term because she likes to start a new unit.

There are plenty of tips and tricks to getting good grades and some students and teachers have given us some advice.  Hannah thinks that the trick to getting good grades is “paying attention in class!”  This is how Ms. Pina says to get good grades: try your hardest, do your homework and do the best that you can in class.  Mr. Krebs says, “Never give up, keep trying, work hard, find a way to be successful. A lot of people are not successful at first in their work, but the ones who are successful find a way. They keep on trying different things and ways to accomplish what they want to do.”  He also mentions that getting good grades is important because “it means you are practicing good work habits that will follow you throughout your life. It helps you feel success and you feel better about yourself. If helps you if you are going to go to college, maybe even a scholarship will be offered to you. It helps you when you seek employment after High School or college.”

If you are struggling is a class, here are some suggestions.  Ms. Pina says, “If you are struggling, go talk to a teacher!  That is what they are there for and they want to help you!”  She also mentions that you should pay attention to your study habits and see what you could do better in.  Mr. Krebs says if you are struggling, you should seek help.  He continues by saying, “They can always go to the teacher for help. If they are not comfortable going to the teacher, find someone else who can help them, maybe a friend or family member.  According to Hannah, if you are struggling, you should reorganize, try your best and talk to a teacher.  

It is always good to try and get good grades, so make a goal for yourself to improve!  With a new term here, now is the chance to do better.  Like Mr. Krebs says, “Never give up, keep trying, work hard, find a way to be successful!”

Fall Dance at SJHS

Submitted by tara.pina on Thu, 11/10/2016 - 10:08
Article by Trina Wilson & Jaquelin Tlatenchi

On Thursday November 3rd was the fall dance.  14 students were asked if they would take part in the dance.  Five out of 14 said yes all five were girls.  Six out of 14 said no, one girl and five boys. One girl and three boys were undecided.

One of the minor concerns were the prices.  There were only three people who thought the prices were a little much. Some students tought that the prices should be one or two dollars.  Most of the people decided that the prices were okay for the most part but they agreed it can add up.  However, a lot of them think it’s worth the time and money.

Seven out of 14 students said that the dance was “kinda fun”.  Some students claimed that the music could definitely be better.  Two students decided that the dance is a lot of fun and “extravagant.”  The comment that really stood out was Lillian Savage’s comment a seventh grader said, “ I think that the dance is important because it prepares you for the real world [socially].” 

The fall dance’s purpose was to raise money for families in need. Some students felt that if you don't go with anyone it's kind of boring. If you go with a group of friends, it’s a lot more fun. In conclusion, the fall dance is fun if you know how to have fun yourself.

Who is YOUR favorite Celebrity?

Submitted by tara.pina on Thu, 11/10/2016 - 10:02
Article by Emma Biesinger

Do you have someone you look up to? Someone that you are dying to see and meet? I guess the real question is is who is your favorite celebrity? 

MeKenzie Rogerson, an 8th grader, said, “My favorite celebrity would have to be Cory Monteith because he was super nice and cared about his job, he’s a very caring person.” She explained that Cory Monteith is an inspiration to because he inspired her to be nicer to people. She has liked this celebrity for about 4 years. If she met him she said, ”He is dead but if I met him I would cry and tell him he's an inspiration to everybody.” McKenzie explains that if she spent a day with him she would go to Canada because that's where he lived, and she would get vocal lessons.

Clark Warren, also an 8th grader said, “My favorite Celebrity is Neymar because he’s really good at soccer and he’s cool.” Neymar is also an inspiration to Clark. If Clark met Neymar she said, “I’d act cool.” Clark explains that if he spent a day with his favorite celebrity that he would just want to play soccer with him.

Naomi Cortes, an 8th grader, said that her favorite celebrity is Ariana Grande because she likes her music and she is really hard working. She explains that Ariana Grande is inspirational to her and that she’s liked her for about 3 years. Naomi said, “I’d be really surprised if I met her and I’d freak out.” Naomi also explains that if she could spend a day with her she would want to see her work because that would be inspiring to her.

Brenden Randall, a 9th grader, explains that his favorite celebrity is Chris Pratt because he’s funny and he can also be serious at the same time. Brenden also says that he wants to be “cool” and “awesome” like him. He’s liked him since Guardians of the Galaxy came out. Brenden said, “I’d be like woah, you’re Chris Pratt man, and then I’d get his autograph if I met him.” If Brenden could spend a day with him, he explains that he would make Chris buy him Wendy’s and take a trip to Hawaii.

Bailee Parker, another 9th grader, said, ”My favorite celebrity would have to be Beyonce because she’s very independent and her dance moves are pretty sassy.” To Bailee, Beyonce is really inspirational to her and she’s liked her for a couple years. She also explains that she would cry if she met her, and if she could spend a day with her she would do Karaoke and go shopping with her.

If you have a favorite celebrity ask yourself these questions and find out what you would do if you met them or if you could spend a day with them.

The Future is Bright for Springville Junior High!

Submitted by tara.pina on Thu, 11/10/2016 - 10:00
Article by Brenna Carlton and Sakari Duvall

This week at Springville Junior High School, certain kids at the school were asked what their thoughts were on their future. Lots of kids don’t know what they’re going to do after graduation. Will they go to college? What will they choose as a career? Have they thought about it at all?

We’re starting off with Seth Rigtrup, a seventh grade boy. After graduation, he says he’ll be somewhere working for money for college. “I haven’t done any planning yet,” he says. When ninth grade comes, he can start! If he could choose any career, he says it would be a doctor or play sports.

Next is Jenny Chappell, a seventh grade girl who loves to play basketball. After graduation, she says she’ll be playing basketball at BYU and be in college. “If I could choose any career besides basketball it would be playing volleyball, a P.E. teacher, or drawing- like doing art,” Jenny says. She doesn’t have any other plans, and hasn’t started to plan it out yet and that’s okay! There’s still a long way to go.

Wally Averett is an eighth grade boy who seems to have his future pretty set. After graduation, he says he’ll be in college. “I wanna have a good life,” he says. Wally wants to be an orthodontist or a dentist when he gets out of college. He hasn’t done any planning yet, but he’ll get there for sure.

Sophie Mendivil, an eighth grade girl says she wants to go to California after graduation to work in the fashion industry. She wants to make clothes for a living. “Careers that I would pick besides fashion would probably be interior design, modeling, or photography,” Sophie says. Besides that, she wants have a family and just be a successful person.

Next is Carter Johnston, a ninth grade boy. In five years, he says he’ll be back from a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. “I’ve kind of prepared for it I guess, seminary counts,” he says. He doesn’t know what career he would like to do yet after he gets back, but he does want to go to college.

Last but definitely not least, is Kennedy Bird. Kennedy is a ninth grade girl who says she sees herself in college with her dog in five years. “I want to be able to live a good life and have a good education,” she says. She has done some planning. The ninth grade counselor here at SJHS met with all of the ninth graders individually to help them figure out their future and what a possible career might be that they’re interested in. Three other careers that she might be interested in are a choir teacher, a humanitarian, or an interior designer. When asked if she had any other plans for her future, she replied, “I’ve always been destined to be a Disney princess, but I don’t know for sure.” That’s always a good choice. 

Spotlight on Natalee Moore

Submitted by tara.pina on Wed, 11/09/2016 - 10:50
Article by Hailey Gabbitas

Have you heard of a student named Natalee Moore? Natalee Moore is a 9th grade student at SJHS.

Onikah Locklear, a student at SJHS, said “ Whenever I’m sad she always there to comfort me.” Also, Justice Farr, another student at SJHS, said that her favorite thing about Natalee is that “she’s always there for me, even though we have had are up’s and down’s.” Kinzie Lewis said, “ She always listens to me and she doesn't judge, she is also really positive.”

Ty Keyser said two words that he would use to describe Natalees are really friendly and reliable. Another student, Logan Herrick, said, “ Two words to describe Natalee, I would have to go with unique and kind.” Kenzie Lewis said, “Natalee is Perfect and Amazing.” Kinzie, Makenna, Logan, Justice, Onikah, Ty, and Luke all agreed that Natalee is energetic, perfect, funny, friendly, nice, and unique.

Kinzie Lewis shared her favorite memory with Natalee was when they were at a Football game they got to be closer friends..  Mckenna Snelson said her favorite memory was when they went to Mesquite together and it was so much fun. Luke Littleford said that he enjoys being in English class together “because she make its fun.”  

If you ever see Natalee around the school, say hi! 

What would you do if you were locked in your favorite store?

Submitted by tara.pina on Tue, 11/01/2016 - 11:49
Article by Angela Lopez

If you were locked in your favorite store what would you do first? Would you destroy things? If there was food in there would you eat it? If there were clothes in there, would you try all of them on? Well, here are some peoples' responses.

What is your favorite store? 8th grader Emma Biesinger said IKEA. Amy Robertson said Zumez because it has cool clothes that she likes. Another 8th grader Michelle Pioquinto said Sports Authority. 9th grader Anya Keil said Just Jeans. Why? “Cause it has just jeans….”

What would you do if you were locked in your favorite store? “Jump around on all the beds," said Emma Biesinger. Amy Robertson said, “Try on everything.” Michelle Pioquinto said, “Play around with the stuff I like.” “Put on as many jeans as I can,” said Anya Keil.

If you could lock someone in there with you, who would it be? Emma biesinger said that it would be her sister. Amy Robertson said that it would be her best friend. "A girl in my soccer team named Danny," said Michelle Pioquinto. Anya Keil said that she would bring her friend Lizzie Kurban.

What would you do if you got caught? Emma Biesinger said that she will be scared and panic and cry. Amy Robertson said that she would run and cry. Michelle said that she would them them “they locked us in here before we could get out”. Anya Keil said that she would cry and blame it on Lizzie.

What would you do if you heard the security guards coming? Emma said that she would hide under the bed. Amy said “ I would run as fast as I could.” Michelle said that she would also hide. Anya Keil said, “Hide underneath a pile of jeans.”

If you were locked in your favorite store, what would you do?


Meet Kelby!

Submitted by tara.pina on Tue, 11/01/2016 - 10:20

Kelby Raines Jeppson is a 9th grader at SJHS. She was born on August 26, 2002, in Utah. She is the oldest of three children. She lives in Springville, Utah, and she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.

Kelby is in Honors Math and Honors English, National Junior Honor Society, Student Council, Journalism and Youth Court. On top of all that Kelby has had perfect attendance since 4th grade, has had a 4.0 gpa for all her junior high years (so far), plays the piano extremely well, and teaches preschool at her house in the summer.  

English is her favorite school subject. Kelby’s favorite animal is a monkey. And she likes to eat corn and breakfast foods. She loves the color pink and playing softball. Her favorite book is Took by Mary Downing Hahn. Her least favorite subject is science. And she HATES peanut butter.

If Kelby could have any superpower it would be the power to change superpowers. One of her pet peeves is the sound of ice crunching when someone chews in it. Her favorite ice cream flavor is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough or Strawberry. If she were a flower, she would be a lily.

She likes the weather not too hot and not too cold. If she had to teach a grade, it would be first through third grade.

Next time you see Kelby in the hallway, make sure you say hi! She will surely say hi back. 

Mr. Hammon’s Green Week!

Submitted by tara.pina on Tue, 11/01/2016 - 10:15
Article by Jocelynn Garner and Kelby Jeppson

Have you ever made a goal to try and eat healthier but it was just too hard?  Here at Springville Jr. High the awesome health teacher, Mr. Hammon, decided to host a Green Week for his eighth grade students. October 17th through the 19th some of his students participated in a week full of dressing up and eating healthier. Green Week is supposed to be fun and really good for you.  It is a part of the nutrition unit and is meant for students to make goals to eat healthier and quit eating sugar for the week.

Green Week is a time where you eat healthier. Some of the goals were to not drink soda, not eat processed foods, eat as little sugar as possible and with that read nutrition labels so you know what you’re eating. And of course you get to dress up!

How did Green Week even become an event at the school? In Mr. Hammon’s first semester classes last year a couple students came up with the idea. Mike Giles and Jasmine Jonas helped create this idea. The class wanted a challenge and to take what they learned in class and put it into their lives outside of school. “Let’s all improve our health.” Jasmine said. After Mr. uHammon’s unit on nutrition and fitness he asks the big question “Now what?” Green Week gives you the opportunity to make that difference in your health and how society sees our health.

Let’s look at the benefits of Green Week and eating healthier. First of all when you eat better your body will simply be better and you could live longer. Second, when your body looks great you will feel better about yourself. Third, people are more likely to hang out with you when you look better and are happy with yourself.  Eating healthier improves your physical, social and mental health. During Green Week you are asked to dress up. Monday was to wear a sports jersey. A sports jersey stands for getting out and exercising. Tuesday you were expected to dress like a farmer. The farmer outfit means good, healthy and fresh food. On Wednesdays we wear green! Ammon Key and Jasmyn Haws both agreed that sports day was their favorite day to dress up for.

Mr. Hammon’s hopes for Green Week were for students to know “what it feels like mentally and physically.” to eat better. He had hoped that it would get easier for them as they continued but he knew it would be hard for them. He’s seen what it’s like when kids go off of sugar, and “they’re addicted to it.” He said and it will be challenging for some. Jazmyn’s goals for Green Week were to not drink soda. “I love soda.” Jazmyn said and so it would be hard for her. Ammon wanted to “improve at everything.” during Green Week. For Ammon it was easy, probably because he is a football player and likes sports.

Ammon Key would like to continue eating healthier and not just for Green Week. Jazmyn Haws said she would maybe continue eating healthier for a longer period but it “depends on what I’m giving up.” Even though it can be difficult eating right students would still do it which shows what kind of attitude Green Week gives you and the attitude Mr.Hammon teaches you to have towards better eating.

Jazmyn said Green Week was “sort of” fun but when she wanted something she wasn’t supposed to have it made it not so fun. “Oh I want that but I can’t have that.” she said that’s how she was feeling when she wanted food with sugar in it or any other unhealthy foods. “Yes it’s fun. It pushes people to eat healthier.” Ammon said.

Green Week is a really fun event at the school and you’ll enjoy participating in it! Mr. Hammon is an incredible teacher and his Green Week will help you better understand healthy eating. Although going off sugar can be very hard, the students in Mr. Hammon’s health classes were up to the challenge!  Way to go!

All About Ms. Porter!

Submitted by tara.pina on Tue, 11/01/2016 - 10:13
Article by Scout Benson

Mrs. Porter, one of the history teachers at our school, is one of our teacher spotlights this week! 

Let's find out some facts about Mrs. Porter. Her favorite part of being a teacher is the crazy things that students say. If she didn't teach history she would teach english or PE. Her favorite hobby is watching Netflix and mountain biking. Her favorite department store is Nordstrom. When she was little she wanted to be a dentist when she grew up. One of her pet peeves is when people drink milk and gulp a lot. Her favorite book is To Kill A Mockingbird, and her favorite movie is Baby Mama. Her favorite song is Enchanted- Taylor Swift, or Under Pressure- David Bowie. If she had a million dollars, she would go to Europe for 3 months and save the rest. When she dies she wants people to remember that she had good parents. AND SHE DOESN'T LIKE ICE CREAM!! 

She was inspired by and decided to teach because of her high school history teacher. Mrs. Porter says, ¨The most rewarding part of being a teacher is helping students learn to like history.¨ She has been teaching for 3 1/2 years. If she was not a teacher, she would be a stay at home mom with Ugg boots, Legos, and 5 boys.

What do her students say about Mrs. Porter? Amanda Gardner, an 8th grader, says that she likes Mrs. Porter because she is funny and not boring, and her favorite thing that they do in the class was Grudgeball. Brianna Stoker, an 8th grader,  likes her because she is funny and easy to understand. Cole Clement, a 7th grader, says he likes that she doesn't get mad. Wally Averett, an 8th grader, likes learning about the Salem Witch Trials in her class. Ella Stoddard, a 7th grader, says that she is nice and understanding. Aislyn Frandsen, a 9th grader and Ms. Porter's TA, said that she is chill and not strict. Derek Dez says that she is fun to be around. Mr. Rowley said that his favorite thing about her is the energy she brings to class.

What are some of Mrs. Porter's best qualities?

  • Having Passion

  • Being Forgiving

  • Being Understanding

  • Being Outgoing

So now you know all about Mrs. Porter!


Quest Time

Submitted by tara.pina on Tue, 11/01/2016 - 10:06
Article by Lindsay Gardiner

Tuesday through Thursday in between third and fourth period every student goes to Quest Time. Quest Time is when each student goes to a room and does either an activity or intervention depending on their grade. There's lots of things to do if you have a good grade such as conversation rooms, movies, study halls and more. If you have a deficient grade in one of your classes though you go to intervention to get your grade up and some extra help if you need it.

Eighth grade counselor Ms. Droz said, “I think it's important to have Quest Time because it gives students a chance to have an intervention during the school day when they are falling behind in a subject. It gives teachers a chance to work with those students during the day and help them to get caught up on what they've missed or what they're not understanding.” She also said that the school does Quest Time so that students who are having trouble in a class can get help from teachers during school instead of before or after school.

Ms. Shepard said that they started Quest Time since they saw that students needed help and time to work on their assignments. She also said “I like Quest Time because I’ve seen it make a difference in grades” and she said that Quest Time gives students a chance to catch up on their work that they’re missing.

Ninth grader Jamie Weller said “I like Quest Time. It helps me keep my grades where I want them to be and when they are, I can hang out with my friends.". Eighth grader Tanner Allred said that it’s important so you can keep your grades up if you work hard. Ninth grader Logan Herrick said “I like Quest Time because there’s a lot of different options."



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