Article: Cell Phones, would you allow 'em?

Article by Jake Follette - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Cell phones are almost essential to most pre-teens and teenagers today. We take them to school all the time, and they can be 100% distracting. But are they helpful? Students at here at SJHS all have strong opinions about them.

When asked how often he uses his phone, Ryan Witney said “Whenever I get the chance.” Also, when asked the same question, Hayden Antonino said, “I don’t know, probably a lot.” But most people are like Raef Grierson, who only uses his phone when he’s done with work.

So, when has your phone helped you in school? Hayden uses his phone for a calculator or to listen to music. “It helps me focus.” Hayden said. Many kids use their phones for music, and can testify that it is either distracting or helpful.

Using your phone in class can be risky business. How often do students get caught? Ryan Witney says, “Never. Not yet.” Insane. That isn’t easy. Raef Grierson said, “A lot, yes, very much.”

There are many uses for phones in class these days. If you were a teacher, would you allow phones?