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January 2017

For The Love of Cats

Submitted by tara.pina on Fri, 01/13/2017 - 16:03
Article by Lizzie Kurban

There are many people here at SJHS who love their furry little feline friends. Fluffy, Hairless, chubby, scrawny, no matter their shape and size our cats are our loving little buddies,  here’s what the people of SJHS had to say about their cats. First we asked them how many cats they have. Mr Booth, the band teacher here at SJHS said that he has 2 cats. Rainy Hickman said that although she’s had many cats through her life she only has one little kitten right now.

We then asked them what the names of their cats are and how long they’ve had them. Mr Booth’s cats are named Socks and Sneakers and he said “ We’ve had Socks for over 10 years now and we found Sneakers as a stray a little over a year ago. He would just hang around our house so one day we let him in and he’s been ours ever since.” Rainy’s kitten is named Castiel and she’s had her for 3 months now, she got her when she was just a small baby kitten.

Then we asked how their cats got their names. Socks and Sneakers, cute names for a pair of cats right? According to Mr Booth, Socks had already been named Socks because of the sock-like markings on his paws. Sneakers got his name due to the fact the Socks was named Socks and his family thought it would be cute to name them a pair like that. Rainy’s little Castiel got her name because, “Castiel is the name of a character from the TV show Supernatural.” which is Rainy’s favorite show.

Finally we asked them what their favorite and least favorite parts of being a cat owner is. Mr. Booth said that he loves the fact that his cats are very smart and independent, that they kind of do their own thing but still like to come around and be apart of the family. When we asked what his least favorite thing about being a cat owner is he said “Nothing.” Rainy said that her favorite part about having Castiel is that she’s very cuddly and affectionate and her fur is Rainy’s favorite color of grey. According to Rainy, “My least favorite part of owning her is sometimes when I’m walking around she’ll attack my feet.”

So that’s what the people of SJHS had to say about owning cats. Do you like cats?

Behind the Curtain

Submitted by tara.pina on Fri, 01/13/2017 - 16:00
Article by Scout Benson

Did you know behind any theatrical performance you've been to, there's a whole crew of people behind the curtains working to make the show the best it can be? They make the props, design costumes and make sure things run smoothly. The bottom line, the play wouldn't play out so well, and the musical wouldn't be as magical without the behind the scenes people, or as I’ll be referring to them throughout this article, Techies.

The class is technically called Theater Tech, (pun intended) and is completely in charge of props, costumes, sets, lights and sound. The teacher for the class is Ms. Addis. (Or Clement, depending on how long you have been at the Jr High) This is the first year that we have had Theater Tech and Mrs. Addis tells us why: “I have done Tech since I was in Jr High. In fact I was a master electrician at UVU and BYU. Tech is how I payed for college to become a drama teacher. I wanted others to have the same opportunity I had in Jr High.”

Izzie Bagley, an eighth grader at our school, says that her favorite part of Theater Tech is doing costumes and stage makeup. Her least favorite part is taking notes and her job is doing lights. For her Final Independent Project, or FIP, she is recreating a modern costume of Peggy Schuyler, from the musical Hamilton.

Jackson Rapier, an eighth grader, said that his favorite part was making props, his least favorite is taking notes. His job is making props, costumes and sets. For his FIP he is making a cardboard house.

Madison Parker, an eighth grader's favorite part is learning to do the tech, her least? You guessed it! Notes. Her job is doing lights and for her FIP she is making stuffed animal props.

Shayla Phan, an eighth grader, said that her favorite part was costume design and lights. Her least favorite is video making. For her FIP she is making some sets for future classes and plays. Her job is making sets.

Preston Roberts, an eighth grader, told that his favorite part was making props, his least favorite, notes. His job is lights and for his FIP, he is making a cardboard house.

Gavin Jones, an eighth grader, says that his favorite part is the experience you get. And his least favorite part is notes. His job is a costume designer, and for his FIP he is designing a costume.

So, next time you attend a performance, whether it be a play, or a musical, you should think about the people behind the scenes. Because without them, it would be a totally different show.


Submitted by tara.pina on Fri, 01/13/2017 - 16:00
Article by Brenna Carlton

December 25th, Christmas, is one of the most liked holidays of the entire year. However, some people don’t like it. But why? Why do some people like it, and why do some not? In this article, 7th, 8th, and 9th graders give their opinions about Christmas and why they do or do not like it. Also, during this time of the year is when the student’s class schedules here at SJHS change. There is also an opinion on if they would like to keep their schedules the same or if they would like to switch them to the classes they have for the 3rd and 4th terms. Well, let’s get started!

First off is Coy Lister, a 7th grade boy who says that his favorite part about Christmas time is sleeping. He likes Christmas, and everyone knows that during Christmas time you usually get presents on Christmas morning. “I got a computer, a blanket, and a bunch of clothes,” he said. A tradition that he and his family do is getting pillows on Christmas Eve. His favorite Christmas movie is “Elf” and his favorite song is “Jingle Bell Rock.”

Sadie Holdaway is a 7th grade girl who really likes Christmas. She says that her favorite part about it is the presents. She says that she got clothes and other stuff from Pink, and a bunch of stuff from American Eagle along with Yeezy’s (shoes). “Every year, me and my family open pajamas on Christmas Eve,” she says. That’s a really common tradition, and a lot of people do it. Her favorite Christmas movie is “A Christmas Story,” and her favorite song is “Jingle Bells.”

Next is Ammon Key, an 8th grade boy who said he likes Christmas as well. His favorite part about it is spending time with his family. He says that he got shoes, clothes, and a phone for presents. “Every year me and my family play volleyball together,” he says. That’s their tradition. His favorite Christmas movie is “Home Alone” and he doesn’t really have a favorite Christmas song.

Jayden Tate is an 8th grade girl, and she loves Christmas! “What I love the most, though, is spending time with my family,” she says. For presents, she got clothes, a tripod for her camera, and a trip to San Diego, California. Every year, she and her family go down to Blanding, Utah for Christmas. Her favorite Christmas movie is “A Christmas Story”, along with Sadie and her favorite Christmas song is “Mistletoe” by Justin Bieber.

Next is Austin Ewell, a 9th grader. He loves Christmas, and his favorite part about Christmas is all of it. “For presents I got clothes, a gift card for clothes, and an iPhone 6,” he says. He gets pajamas on Christmas Eve as a tradition as well as Sadie. His favorite movie is “Christmas Vacation” and his favorite song is “Jingle Bells”.

Last, but certainly not least, is Grace Elison, another 9th grader. She loves Christmas! Everyone in this article seems to love Christmas, which is a good thing! But, sadly, there are some people out there who don’t like it very much. For Christmas she got clothes, movies, and a mini projector. She gets pajamas on Christmas Eve, too. Grace said, “I love all Christmas movies and Christmas songs.” Her favorite part about it is spending time with her family.

Merry Christmas, all! 


Goodbye 2016 Memes

Submitted by tara.pina on Fri, 01/13/2017 - 15:59
Article by Anya Keil and Angela Lopez

2016 has been great but it has its ups and downs but what memes are people going to miss? Will 2016 even be missed?  2017 is here. Will it be any better? It was an eventful year full of firsts and lasts. We lost many loved celebrities but let's not put the year down. A lot happened and a lot more will happen.

Tanu Ahhing said, after moments of consideration that “The Google meme where people scream” is his least favorite meme from 2016. He gave no reason why but he did give an example of what the meme sounds like. He said the “5 gum” videos were his favorite of 2016. He also thinks 2017 will be great and bring better memes.

SJHS student Alan Ruiz said that his favourite 2016 meme is Spongar.  He said that his least favourite meme is Harambe.

7th grader Jackie Lopez said that she will not miss 2016. She said the “Ya boii meme” was her favorite. She said that 2017 will be better. 

So, in conclusion, 2016 may be over and we may have had bad or great experiences; but 2017 is the start to a new chapter for some so here we go on this journey.

SJHS is making a start for Fame

Submitted by tara.pina on Fri, 01/13/2017 - 15:51
Article by Emma Biesinger

SJHS is preparing for this year's school play. The school plays are something that every student enjoys and we can’t wait! But before you can do the play you need people (or students) to be in the play. 

The play this year is a musical play and movie called Singin’ in the Rain. The movie came out in 1952 and it is a classic. Auditions for the play are on January 10-11. The students will be asked to sing 16 measures (or 1 verse) of a song of their choice from a musical play or movie. Callbacks are on January 12 and the dancing portion will be done then.

There are a lot of students that are trying out for the play, some of these students are Mckay Dalley, Daniel Kawai, Amanda Garner, Parker Stewart, Hannah Henage, Lincoln Wright, Ammon Elzinga, Monte Taylor, Jenny Wallentine, Hannah Mason, Tori Hunt, Scout Benson, and Kennedy Bird.

Lots of these students have been in previous plays such as Music Man and Crazy for You, and some have been in plays outside of school such as Cinderella the Musical and Annie.

The songs these students are singing said that they chose that song because it was in their range and that they like the song. Some students hadn’t yet figured out what they wanted to sing but they will figure it out soon. Some of the songs are from the musical Les Mis and some are Disney related.

There are lots of funny and exciting roles in this musical. Some of the main characters names are, Don Lockwood, Kathy Selden, Cosmo Brown, and Lina Lamont. Most boys that are trying out said they wanted to be the funny, Cosmo Brown or just someone in the background, girls said about the same thing that they would like be Kathy or Lina or someone in the background. Most of them said they would just be happy to get in.

Tori Hunt said, “I’m trying out because the play is an awesome opportunity to do something outside of school and it gives you lots experience if you want to make it a profession.” Tori explained that if she got in she was be so happy and she also explained that she loves getting to know other people in the cast and she loves to grow closer as a cast and her favorite part is when they are perform is explains that it’s like you are just with your friends.

Scout Benson loves acting and singing and it has been her passion for as long as she can remember. For her audition she is singing “On my Own” from the musical Les Mis. Scout explained that she would be so happy if she got in.

Ammon Elzinga has been in the last couple of plays at our school such as Music Man and Crazy for You. Ammon said, “My friends are trying out and I’ve done it in the past and I like musicals.” He is trying out or the character Cosmo.

Lincoln Wright said, “I’m trying out cause I’ve don’t it for two years and I thought it would be fun.” Lincoln also wants to be Cosmo one of the main characters. He has also been in Music Man and Crazy for You.  “Yes I am excited for Singin’ in the Rain it is a classic and it’s really good.”

The cast list will be posted on January 14th. Good luck to all of those who are trying out!

School Counselors

Submitted by tara.pina on Fri, 01/13/2017 - 15:49
Article by Hailey Gabbitas

Have you ever wondered about the school counselors? Or even what the school counselors do? Well the counselors are there for you when you need someone to talk to, They are also there for you when you need a class change or to switch from a class.

The First question we asked the counselors is "Why did you decide to become a school counselor?" Well the 9th grade counselor Mr. Jackson said, “I love working with the students.” According to Mrs. Distefano the 7th grade counselor said, “I love the students there fun to work with, and I love helping them with what they want to be when they grow up.” Mrs. Droz the 8th grade counselor and also in charge of the Hope Squad said that she loves working with students and loves helping them set their goals.

Mrs. Droz said, “ I love my job it's fun and fulfilling and it's also a great job.” 

Third Question was "What's your Favorite thing about being a Counselor?" Mrs Distefano said, “ Well you can do different things all the time and it never gets boring, and it's also fun to work with the students and collaborating with the teachers.” Mr Jackson said, “Being able to work with students Individually, helping them with their grades and planning their future.” Then according to Mrs. Droz she likes that she can work individually with students and to help them come up with plans that will work for them.

If you ever need someone to talk to about your future or grades anything like that you now know who to talk to.

Life Changing Blankets

Submitted by tara.pina on Fri, 01/13/2017 - 15:46
Article by Jaquelin Tlatenchi

Ms.Davis a wonderful woman here at Springville Jr High school arranged for SJHS to donate blankets to Huntsman Cancer Institute along with other schools. Ms.Davis shared the story behind the Life changing blankets, here’s what she said, “I have a close friend, we have been friends since elementary school. her husband had cancer, was in the huntsman cancer institute on and off for two years following a bone marrow transplant. He received  a “graduation blanket” during the time he was in the hospital. My friend found out after he passed away the “graduation blankets” are donated. She decided after he passed away she wanted to make the blankets and donate thim in her husband’s memory and I wanted to help her with this tradition, I asked our principal and other junior highs in Nebo to help out. There were four junior highs, including SJHS, that made blankets. Diamond Fork Junior High made over 70 blankets. Vicki Gardner and the Junior Honor Society cut and tied their blankets. Jonathan Lawrence and Melissa Neilson at Spanish Fork JH worked with their Junior Honor Society as well as their Hope Squad to make the blankets. They donated over 60 blankets. Coleen Huff at Mt. Nebo JH worked with the student council at their school, at SJHS the Latinos In Action students worked on the blankets as well as me and my family. We donated 65 .” In total there were nearly 200 blankets.

People of the Past

Submitted by tara.pina on Fri, 01/13/2017 - 15:43
Article by Jocelynn Garner

People from the past are not to be forgotten so to remember some individual favorites, students at Springville Jr.High talk about which people they’d like to meet from the past and why.

Jazmyn Haws, an eighth grade girl, would like to meet young Obama. She’d like to meet him because he is her favorite president and she’d want to say “Yo what’s up?” Elle, an eighth grade girl, wants to meet her birth mom. She’s never met her and she thinks it’d be cool if she had the chance. Logan Herrick, a ninth grade boy says he would like to talk to Alex Pugh. He’s already met him and would just like to be able to have one last day with him. “He was really funny, cool. I would have liked to get him some help.” Logan said. Sydnie Nilsson, an eighth grade girl, chose to meet Alan Rickmen. “He’s legit!” said Sydnie. If Bethany Blakey had the opportunity she would like to meet Amelia Earhart. “Super awesome.” is how Bethany described Amelia. Kashlee Garner, a tenth grader at Springville High would have liked to been able to meet Robin Williams. “He could make everyone laugh even if they didn’t want to.” Kashlee said. McKay Whiting, a seventh grade boy would like to meet Arthur Ashe. “He’s really cool, like this black guy and is fricken awesome.” McKay said talking about Arthur.

If able to Jazmyn would like to have asked young Obama “how’s life?” Elle would have asked her birth mom, “If she had the chance, why she chose my family.” Logan would have asked his friend Alex “why he did what he did.” Sydnie would really like the answer to her very serious question on “How do you keep such a straight face all the time?” Bethany would’ve asked Ms.Earhart “what was your inspiration?” Kashlee would like to ask Robin “Why he committed suicide and why that day?” Mckay would ask Mr.Ashe “about his childhood and what he did for fun.”

Jazmyn Haws, Elle, and Mckay would all tell them about the future. Bethany wouldn’t and Sydnie wouldn’t either because she said “I don’t want to crush his dreams.” Logan said he would tell Alex about the future and would “just tell him how many people cared and still care.”

If the chance came to hang out for a day young Obama and Jazmyn Haws would go get some ice cream. Elle and her mom would go to Disney World, Mckay and Arthur would play some tennis and talk. Kashlee and Robin would tell some jokes, Logan and Alex would play video games and Bethany and Amelia would fly an airplane.

Christmas Door Decorating Contest!

Submitted by tara.pina on Fri, 01/13/2017 - 15:38
Article by Kelby Jeppson

During the Christmas season, Springville Jr. High has a door decorating contest for all of the teachers.  Mrs. Murray, a FACs teacher, says, “I don't know if the door decorating is an official tradition, but we do it most years.”  Whether or not we do this every year, this is still a fun tradition that most students and teachers enjoy.  Since this is a contest, there has to be a winner, and this year Mr. Jackman and his classes won.  The runners up were Ms. Ottley, Mr. Beebe, the Counseling Office, and Ms. Edenfield.  Congratulations to them and to all the teachers that decorated a door!

According to Mrs. Murray, the Student Council decides on a theme each year.  This years theme was Christmas movies.  One year they had specific colors that you could use!  Mr. Jackman, an English teacher, says, “ I wanted to decorate it as a Christmas movie that is also scary.  I let my class vote between Gremlins and Krampus.  After they voted on Gremlins, we brainstormed as a class and came up with all of the ideas for what we ended up doing.”  He also mentions that all of his classes helped him work on it.  According to Scout Benson, who helped work on Ms. Pina’s door, someone in her third period class came up with the idea to decorate it as Santa and Jack Skellington.  “For our classroom door, I thought it would be fun to connect the subject I teach (foods), so we went with the four main food groups of elves, from the movie 'Elf.' It makes me smile and chuckle when I see it - and when I see other people make the connection between the door and the class. I also think it's funny to "elf" people so this year Mrs. Luke and I are "elf"ed as Buddy the Elf,” says Mrs. Murray.

All of the doors turned out really good and all of the teachers seemed pretty happy about them!  Mr. Jackman says, “I felt fantastic about the end result.  Every student helped out to create something that was equal parts adorable and terrifying.”  Mrs. Murray says, “I think the door decorating contest is a lot of fun. This is my favorite time of year and decorating our classroom doors is just fun and brings lightness and joy to our busy days at school. Anything to help us smile more!”  According to Scout Benson, it was really hard making the two people cutouts fit together, but in the end, it was really great!

Christmas is such a fun time by itself, but the door decorating contest makes it even more fun! Congratulations again to Mr. Jackman and the runner ups.  Everyone did such a great job!

Happy Songs

Submitted by tara.pina on Fri, 01/13/2017 - 15:33
Article by Rainy Hickman

We all have a song, or multiple songs, that make us feel happy, so I asked a few people which song that is, if they would recommend it to anyone else, how they discovered the song, and I also asked which song makes them feel sad. The song that makes me feel happy is Buzzcut Season, by Lorde. The reason that song makes me feel happy is because the lyrics are interesting, and the music is soothing. I would definitely recommend this song to someone else, in fact, I already have. I discovered the song by finding the album the song is in, in my music. The song that makes me sad is Strawberry Fields Forever, by the Beatles. That song makes me sad because it’s lyrics have a strange, yet deep, meaning.

Anya Kiel says that the song that makes her happy is Bounce Back, by Big Sean. “It's really catchy and I can sing to it.” She said, when I asked why. I then asked if she would recommend it to anyone else “uh, yes.” The way she discovered it was by her friend. I asked what song makes her sad, and she said most pop songs, because they are over rated and make her sad. Leah Davis said that I write sins, not tragedies, by Panic! At the Disco makes her happy, just because. “Yes, always. Everyday of my life,” she stated when I asked if she would recommend it to anyone else. I asked her how she discovered the song, and she just shrugged. And the song that makes her sad is Blackbird, by The Beatles, “because it's a sad song.”

Haylee Peterson said that the song that makes her happy is Boulevard of Broken Dreams, by Green Day, makes her happy because there’s really good lyrics and a good meaning. When asked if she would recommend it to anyone else, she said “heck, yeah.” The way she discovered it was a station on Pandora, and that song came on and she liked it. And the song that makes her sad is, well Boulevard of Broken Dreams, “cause I’m emotional.” Bridget Hickman says that the song that makes her happy is Tear in My Heart, by Twenty One Pilots, “because it’s a cute song.” She said yes when asked if she would recommend it to anyone else. The way she discovered it was by her friend, Shelby. The song that makes her sad is Anathema, also by Twenty One Pilots, because “it’s deep.”

Songs can make us feel tons of different emotions, sometimes a single song can make us feel multiple ones. They make us remember memories by just listening to it, and they can make good memories. Without music, the world would be nearly emotionless. It would be boring.


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