March 2017


Article by Stazie Killpack and Morgan Roper - SJHS Student Staff Writers

Accreditation happens every 5 years; It recently happened at Springville Junior High.  We as a school scored at total of 314,  one of the highest scores in the state! The network average score is 278.94. Each school is graded on many categories some of them include: Teaching and Learning, leadership, and Resource Utilization.

Many teachers knew that we did very well, Mrs. Bird had a strong opinion, she said, “We did extremely well, except for one thing, they didn't go in my room.” Mrs. Bird was very prepared, she even let her students use their phones and they were doing well; so she was disappointed to not get visited by the Accredidation graders. 

Mr. Rowley, the vice principal, said, “We rocked the accreditation.” Mr Rowley did not get too stressed out he was a little stressed because someone is judging our school but he was very confident in us and knew we would do good and we did because we got one of the highest scores in this state. Mr Rowley did not change what he was doing in preparation at all he just wore a power tie.

Mr. Hammon a health teacher at Springville Junior High School think that we rocked the accreditation. Mr. Hammon was not stressed at all because he was super confident.  Mr. Hammon said that he did not change his style of teaching one little bit and he still got told he was one of the best health teachers they have seen.

Abby Carlton, one of the students that got interviewed, said that, “The environment was very open. I felt like I could tell them anything. And by doing so, they will help us improve our school.¨

Katie Jackson was another student that they talked to, she felt that the accreditation went really well. “Almost all the students had really good things to say about this school.”

It looks like Springville did really well with this round of accreditation, but like with everything else in this world, we still have a little room to improve. Keep it up Springville, you're doing great.

RUN! For Track

Article by Trey Widtfeldt - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Track is coming up, and it's a pretty simple thing to do. You run, you jump, and then you biff it because the hurdle was too high. It's coached by Mr. Hammon, the health teacher, and Mrs. Bodily, one of the math teachers. Diego Clark is one of Mr. Hammon’s students, and Mrs. Bodily is his advisory teacher, who has taken in the idea of going to the first track meet. Diego said, “I really want to go to track meet, because I have always thought it was fun to run, I think i’m really fast, albeit, I have a really weak amount of stamina. I also really want to go as Mr. Hammon is one of my favorite teachers, and he was one of the primary aspects that motivated me to join track, I also know Mrs. Bodily, so it shouldn’t be too awkward if I don’t know anybody there.” Diego also noted that he in fact knows a lot of people going to track, such friends like Wheeler Sedgeley, Caleb Judd, and Gavin Jones are a few to name. They all stated that they have plans to do so too, and they really enjoy the aspect of running and any gym classes for that matter as well. They all also said that if it goes well, they would most certainly do it again for next year. So if you are looking for something to occupy your time, Track is a great thing to do!

SJHS Journalism

Article by Micah Schmitz, SJHS Student Staff Writer

If you are reading this, you probably have a decent idea of what SJHS’s journalism staff is.

But if you don't, read on, and maybe think about doing this class next year.

Journalism is a class you can take in eighth  and ninth  grade. Its purpose  is for students to post articles about current events, teacher spotlights, or even pieces on memes of 2016. It's a smaller class at an honors english level taught by Mrs. Piña.

When asked, some of the journalism staff said they prefered creative writing over journalism. When asked why, Trey Widtfeldt said “I have had more experience in creative writing, which is why I like it more.”  

While creative writing may encourage creativity, journalism can be more interesting, as it deals with the truth, and current events.

Another student said, “Journalism is better than creative writing, because you actually write more, because you have to do an article a week. And you can do it about stuff actually happening, so you don't have to think of an idea.”

All and all, if you like interesting, fun, writing classes, you should take journalism next year.


Spotlight: Leah Davis

Article by Rainy Hickman, SJHS Student Staff Writer

Leah Davis is a 9th grade girl that is an amazing student that a lot of people don’t know. The electives she did, or is doing this year is photography, choir, and drama. The reason why she chose these electives is because they sounded interesting and she loves them.

She wouldn’t consider herself well know due to her little bubble, meaning she keeps to herself and doesn’t talk to people she doesn’t already know.

She has six pets. Two cats, three dogs, and one chicken. The cats names are Cody and Yaven. The dogs names are Peanut, Buttercup, and Guinea. Her one chicken is named Blue. She loves her pets a lot and doesn’t know what she would do without them.

“I do color guard at the high school, and it's cool.” She’s been doing color guard for about a year now. She’s made a lot of friends due to color guard, and is glad she joined. It does take up a lot of her schedule, but she mentioned it's worth it.

So that is the spotlight on Leah Davis. She really is a great person, and if you’re looking for a nice, caring friend, go to her, because she is the person you are looking for.

Snapchat or Instagram

Article by Chandler Kiser, SJHS Student Staff Write


At SJHS the most popular social media apps are Instagram and Snapchat. Emma Ashton, a 8th grader at SJHS, likes snapchat better than instagram, she said that she has both but likes snapchat better because you can text with friends. She said that she has had it for 6 months and has 130 friends on snapchat.

Zach Mitchell, a 8th grader at SJHS, said that he likes Instagram better because you can post pictures and he said it's easier to react with friends on instagram, he said he has had it for a few years and he has about 880 followers he also likes it because you can find funny videos.

Gavin Jones, a 8th grader at SJHS, said that he only has Instagram he’s had it for 5 months and he has 126 followers. He says it's a good way to stay in contact with friends over the summer.

Bryton Miller, a 8th grader at SJHS, said that she likes Instagram better than Snapchat. She's had it about 4 years she has 1,092 followers. She likes it because she can see what her friends post and to see what they're up too.

Adi Whiting, a 8th grader at SJHS, said that she likes Instagram better because you get to see other posts. She's had for about 2 years and she had 300 followers.

So it seems at SJHS that social media is new way to stay in touch with friends and family in other places; it's also a good way to see what other people are doing.

Winter or Summer, which will win? Which one do you like better?

Article by Saydie Vanleuven, SJHS Student Staff Writer

Students everywhere long for summer. This may be because they want to be out of school, but is there a reason why students like summer better than winter? A 9th grader named  Hailey Gabbitas said that she likes summer better because it’s warm and there is a lot more things to do. Amy Robertson , an 8th grader, explained that she likes summer better because there isn’t any school in the summer. An 8th grader named Allison Stocking said, “ I like summer better because you get to go to the beach and hang out more.” An 8th grader, Karizma Dix, said that she likes summer better because it’s warm.  Abi Christensen, an 8th grader, said, “ I like summer better than winter because it’s not cold.”  Mikalei Frandsen, an 8th grader, explained that she like summer better because it’s warm and she likes to be outside.”  Another 8th grader, Tristin Richmond, and he said that he likes summer better because it’s warm

Hailey said that she likes to go swimming in the summer and in the winter she likes to cuddle. Amy explained that she likes to hangout in the summer and in the winter she likes to have her birthday. Allison said, “ In the summer I like to go boating and go to the beach and do rodeo, but in the winter I like to go sledding and ice skating.” Karizma likes to hangout with her friends and go swimming in the summer and in the winter she likes to sleep. Abi likes to hangout with her friends in the summer and in the winter too. Mikalei stated that she likes to go outside in the summer  and in the winter she likes to go ice skating. Lastly Tristin said that in the summer he likes to go hiking and swimming, but he likes winter because of the pretty snow.

Obviously students at Springville Junior high school like summer way better than winter because it’s too cold in the winter and because in the winter time we have to go to school.

Singing In The Play

Article by Jenny Wallentine, SJHS Student Staff Writer

Singing in the Rain is a classic musical that has been around that has been around for decades and here at SJHS they are recreating the iconic musical. It premieres the end of March, and many of the actors and actresses are super excited to show the school the play to everyone willing to watch. But since the play is still a ways a way, the actors told us what they think of the rehearsals so far.

Most everyone seems to have about the average of 3-5 rehearsals a week, whether or not they are a main character. This year they have a new choreographer to teach them all the dance numbers for Singing In The Rain, and everyone seems to love her.

Monte Taylor who plays Don Lockwood, the main character, says,“I really like the director and choreographer. They’re really energetic and have lots of personality which helps because it gets us pumped up and more excited to come to rehearsals!”

Jake Gee says that he thinks they are very funny and great to be around.

Even if you don’t have any lines in the play the directors make sure there is a spot for you. Hannah Mason and Victoria Hunt are both broadway dancers and assistant dance coaches to Jasmine, the choreographer, and even though they don’t have any lines in the play they both get a small solo part in one of the last songs “Broadway Melody” as well as being in many other dance numbers.

They also have many different strategies on how to get their vocal chords warmed up and ready to perform. Daniel Kawai who plays a Broadway melody show host, says he loves the vocal warmup Heida because you get to move around and it gets faster the longer you perform. Mia Roberts says “I like any warm up that lets us move around and lets us interact with each other.”

Onto the rehearsals themselves, most everyone likes the rehearsals like Colin Gwilliam who plays Cosmo Brown says “I like the rehearsals pretty fun , you get time to be with friends when you're not acting.” Maegan Talbot says “Rehearsal is fun but sometimes you have to repeat stuff over and over which gets boring but still really fun!”

Everyone in the play is very excited for the school play and they seem to love everything about it, so make sure to check out the school play at the end of March to support some of your peers!

Backpacks Banned

Article by Stazie Killpack, SJHS Student Staff Writer

Backpacks are not allowed in classrooms or hallways at Springville Jr. High. This rule has carried from Springville’s old Jr. High on 700 S in Springville. Because the hallways were about half the size of the new school, backpacks were deemed an unnecessary waste of space. They made the hallways extremely cramped and hard to navigate. Both students and teachers decided that backpacks needed to go. When the new Jr. High was built the hallways were made a lot bigger which fixed that problem.

The question now is, do we want to bring backpacks back? About 80% of the people at Springville would love to have backpacks back! Along with bigger hallways, the classrooms are also more spread apart, making it longer to get to them. For some students, their lockers are on the opposite side of the school from their classroom and are extremely hard to get to.

Amanda Gardner and Kloey Iese, eighth grade girls, say that without backpacks, many unnecessary trips to their lockers are made.

Jake Follette, eighth grade boy, feels,” The backpack policy is unnecessary after 5th period. It should at least be lifted for the last periods of the day.”

Principal Mcguire says that he is all for the change. “If backpacks will help decrease tardiness and increase attendance then I see no reason why not to have them.”

The teachers have mixed feelings. Some of them wouldn’t mind having backpacks, but others are hesitant because of past experiences at the old Jr. High. When backpacks came into the classroom, they took up the walkways in between the desks and tripped them and the students.

Like the lunch change, backpacks might be unbanned for a semester just to see if they work out. Lots of change could be on it’s way for Springville Jr. High. So students and teachers had better buckle up and get ready for the years ahead of them.


Seka’s Advice! Week 1

Article by Sekaquaptewa Groves, SJHS Student Staff Writer

This week I asked people to send in their questions. Here are the results!

Greg wolf 5000 asked: Hey Seka. So I enjoy the company of this guy and he brushed my hand the other day. Does that mean he wants to hold my hand? Because if I don't get his body language soon he will stop talking to me.  I really like him so please help me. As I said he is not patient at all. Please help.

A: Personally, I think that it was an accident, but he still might be into you. You should just be yourself around him and if he likes you he will make a move. If he stops talking to you he is not worth your time. If there is any other "body language" make sure to write back. Good luck!

Q: Are eyebrows considered facial hair? And if so, does that mean that almost everyone on Earth has facial hair?

A: Eyebrows are facial hair. Even if were not considered facial hair everybody still has light hairs on their faces. Thanks for the question!

Q: I need rhymes for these words silver, purple, month, ninth, pint, wolf, opus, dangerous, marathon and discombobulate

A:chilver, Urkel, unth, scythe, dreint, wearwolf, empurple, go piss, endanger us, aragonne, and ovulate. If this turns into a rap I get credits.

Q:I have a lot of homework. How do I keep myself focused? How do I not fall too far behind and end up with missing assignments?

A: What I do to focus is put away my phone. That is my biggest distraction when I do my homework. Maybe have someone hide it from you. Also, get organized! If you can keep track of all your assignments it's easier to actually finish them. Last thing, make sure to turn in all your finished assignments. The sooner you turn them in the less likely you are to lose them.

CTE! (Specifically Mr. Rencher)

Article by Trey Widtfelt, SJHS Student Staff Writer

It goes by many names, CTE, CACA, (College And Career Awareness)  so on, and so forth. The purpose of the class is to prepare you for the ramen consuming, Nickelback listening chaos that is college. There are three classes all going in a trimester where you cycle through each teacher. There is Mrs. Bird, the home ec teacher, Mr. Parker, the computer sciences teacher, and finally, Mr. Rencher, who does, well, most of the College prep. Mr. Rencher is the main target of this, as he is probably the biggest asset to the College and Career studying. One of the students even verified that they have been studying potential jobs that they could get, and specifically which one appeals to them the most. They currently working on woodworking, (Did I mention there is a humongous wood shop just through a door in the front of the class? Well there is.) which they go and create puzzles, models, etc. Completely out of… Well, wood. They said as well they enjoyed Mr. Rencher as the teacher, and liked his teaching style as well. (Probably because of his love of OK GO music videos.) The primary source of the education and the most necessary part of the program is what is called UtahFutures.Org. Go ahead and check it out, most likely students will or already have. There is also an elective included for most of these classes, and it can be a great add for credit, so go ahead and check it out!