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February 2017

Lunch Changes

Submitted by tara.pina on Wed, 02/15/2017 - 10:26
Article by Alyssa Badger, SJHS Student Staff Writer


It’s the beginning of 2017. New year, new lunch schedule? Springville Junior High´s staff has voted on the lunches changing. This rearrangement has put the ninth graders in second lunch after fifth period and the seventh graders into first lunch after fourth. Their decision has caused a lot of mixed feelings among the students.  

Most students thought that the changes were made based on complaints from seventh graders. Mrs. Shephard cleared this rumor up by saying that the lunch changes were made because the seventh graders were having a hard time transitioning into a lunch later in the day without recess. They felt that an earlier break would help them concentrate better. Another reason is that they have a lot of extra food in the second lunch and they thought it would be better to give it to the “bigger bodies”.

Emma Bair, a ninth grader, said she had mixed feelings on the matter. She said that she liked the way the classes were split up but she also gets pretty hangry during the day. This seemed to be a pretty popular opinion among the ninth graders.

Even though a lot of people aren’t happy with this decision to change our lunch schedules, Mrs. Shephard says that the change isn’t necessarily permanent and it's definitely a possibility that they might go back to the way it was before next year based on the data taken from this school year.




The End Of Basketball Season

Submitted by tara.pina on Wed, 02/15/2017 - 10:23
Azhdon Vest SJHS Student Staff Writer


Here at SJHS, the basketball season has ended. Many students have their own opinion about basketball and the loss that SJHS had that day.

7th grader Axston Squire says that he doesn't like basketball, because he is “Not good at it” and also didn’t watch the last SJHS tournament game. And doesn't plan on watching it next season.

Tristan Sandate, an 8th grader, said that he thinks basketball is “all right”  because it is not interesting to him, he also brought up that he didn’t watch the last SJHS game, but thinks they could have used better strategy during the game, and it would increase their chance of winning.

Darren Allred, another 8th grader, says that he likes basketball because it is fun to play, but didn't watch the last game. And said that he “probably wont” watch the next game.

Yet another 8th grader Trevor Wright said that he kind of likes basketball because it is a good activity to “ Play with friends” but did not watch the last SJHS game.

And last of all Traydon Shepard  other wise known as Trey said “I like basketball because it's fun to play,” but sadly did not watch the last game the school played, but agrees with Tristan that they should try new types of strategies and that might help them win the next game.

It appears that these students at SJHS may not be basketball fans, but hopefully we will be able to grow the basketball community, and get more people to see the games.



The Mystical World Of Creative Writing

Submitted by tara.pina on Wed, 02/15/2017 - 10:22
Trey Widtfeldt SJHS Student Staff Writer


Creative writing! What is it? How is it? Why is it? So many questions, such a little article!

In summary, Creative Writing is well… Creative Writing. There is really no other way to describe it. Well, turns out this class has a little bit more of a backstory. Besides learning English like other English elective classes, you and your class will take a survey on their favorite genres and books and will decide what book you write first. Currently, they are doing scary stories now, and the fantasy stories will soon follow after. (But of course, the fantasy stories are inevitable.) A classmate stated that they really like the class, and that she enjoys the teacher, Mrs. Riggs too. But wait, there is much more! When the semester comes close to an end, each student must write a story with absolutely no bounds! (That is, of course, no blood, gore, violence, going over the page limit, illegal activites, etc. etc.) Once the Creative Project is complete, you can choose to submit that to the class contest and see what kind of special reward you get. A party is involved too!

And It's not quite over yet. By the time the semester ends, you have a serious project that must be done. You must submit or participate in a serious contest. Such as sending a story to scholastic or participating in the poetry slam. And know this; earning money is a potential chance as well! And we are talking about a lot of money.

You don’t have to be Shakespeare to participate, you don’t even have to be a good writer! It's fun to do and try, so go ahead and give it a go next year!





Submitted by tara.pina on Wed, 02/15/2017 - 10:20
Stazie Killpack SJHS Student Staff Writer


Dances are one of the highlights for students at Springville Jr High. We have about 4-5 dances a year, and each one is extremely fun. Student council come up with crazy themes for each dance. This upcoming dance is the Fifties, we have also had a Christmas themed dance.

Zach Mitchell, an eighth grade student, says he loves the dances. It’s a good time to hang out with friends and socialize. He wishes they were longer and hopes that this dance will have good songs.

Next is Emelia Randolph, a ninth grade girl, says that dances are her favorite things at the jr. high. She said she would love to have a classy black and white themed dance. “Dances are a great time to party and have fun.”

Avery Nelson, an eighth grade girl, says that she loves to go to dances! They are a great time to socialize and fun with lots of people. She wishes they were longer, and that more slow dances were played.

Some people don’t have the popular opinion on dances. Austin Ewell and Laney Scott, ninth graders, said that they don’t really enjoy dances. They said that dances create lots of drama and are really awkward for both girls and boys. When good music is going, they can be tons of fun.

Andrew Haneberg, an eighth grade boy, states that dances are a lot of fun. The christmas dance was his favorite because it was so festive.

In closing, school dances are a lot of fun and provide a good fundraiser for the school.



What students advise for advisory

Submitted by tara.pina on Wed, 02/15/2017 - 10:19
Micah Schmitz SJHS Student Staff Writer

While the reasons for student advisory classes may be to be a form of large Q/A on the school and students lives, many students think it may not be worthwhile. When asked, many students told us we should just replace advisory with another quest time.

Ethan Howard said, that he loved advisory, he felt another quest time would be more worthwhile. Many students agree that having another quest time would make more sense, as it gives you time to make up low grades. 

An article titled “Why Your Students Need Free Time…” the unstated author said that giving children breaks at school serve as a ““brain break,” so kids are focused and ready to learn when they begin a lesson, while also teaching responsibility (not every minute of the child’s day is planned out for him/her). They also encourage development of social and communication skills, and breaks in school support students’ physical healthy and motor skill development.”

This is why we need another quest time in the week. It physically helps students, and these students felt advisory wasn't as helpful. 




SJHS Sings at Abravanel Hall

Submitted by tara.pina on Wed, 02/15/2017 - 10:17
Alyssa Badger SJHS Student Staff Writer


Springville Junior High’s very own Master Singers were picked to sing at an honor choir concert up in Salt Lake City at Abravanel Hall. There were twelve junior highs that sent in recordings, and they were one of the two junior highs that were chosen to sing. On January 28, 2017, the Master SIngers got on a bus and drove up to the capital of Utah to perform.

Abby Carlton, a second soprano in the choir, said “I was really excited. I thought it was a really cool opportunity and I didn’t think we we’re gonna get picked.” She claimed her favorite part of the whole experience was “being able to perform in such a cool place, the sound is so unique. We don’t usually get to sing in a place like that.” According to Abby, this is the best performance they’ve ever done. She says it was cool to compare the other choirs with her own.

Zach Jensen and Emma Rich, both master singer members, said that Abravanel Hall was a very cool place to sing. Emma RIch said that the other choirs were really good and had cool solos. Zach said “I think we did amazing.”

Kennedy Bird is a member of the master singers and the auditioned honor choir which also performed at the concert. She said “The audition was pretty chill, we sang the national anthem, and just went after school. It was really fast and easy.” There were a total three hundred and seventy five people on the whole honor choir. “We only had one rehearsal and then we had to learn all the songs on our own time.” They had a total of eight songs and performed the same night as the Master Singers along with Salem Junior High’s choir.

The concert was a great accomplishment for our school and we are all very proud that our very own choir was chosen to represent the state in this concert.




Spotlight on Ms. Shepherd the dean of SJHS

Submitted by tara.pina on Wed, 02/15/2017 - 10:15
Saydie Vanleuven SJHS Student Staff Writer


Ms. Shepherd was asked a few questions about herself, one of the questions was how long have you been a principal and she responded “ this is my second year as a principal.” Another asked question was why did you decide to be a principal, she said that she wanted to become a principal because she likes to work with students and teacher and this job gives her the perfect opportunity to work with them both. The last question she was asked was, do you want to continue to work at Springville Junior High School.  She said that she did want to continue working at Springville Junior High School because it gives her a chance to interact with people more and she gets to talk to everyone.

A few students at SJHS were asked why they like Ms. Shepherd. The first person asked said they like her because she was the only nice principal. The second student asked was Hailey Gabbitas and she said that she like Ms. Shepherd because she’s nice and she always listens to what you have to say. The next person asked was Allison Stocking and she said that she tries to help you as much as she can and tries to solve problems with people. The last student that was asked was Dylan Miles, he said he liked her because she is always smiling and she’s also nice.

Ms. Shepherd, the dean of Springville Junior HIgh School, is nice, always smiling, and very helpful to all.

We are all so lucky to have her! Whoever needs help you can always count on Ms. Shepherd to be there.




SJHS Indian Club Heads to the State Capitol

Submitted by tara.pina on Wed, 02/15/2017 - 10:14
Seka Groves SJHS Student Staff Writer


On Monday, February 6th, a group of students from SJHS that are involved in the Title VI program went to  the Utah State Capitol. Title VI is a group that helps Native American students in schools. The Nebo Title VI program has a 100% graduation rate. SJHS has many Native American students that meet every Friday for advisory.

The purpose of the field trip was to help these students learn more about how the government works. They listened to a report on intergenerational poverty, which affects many Native American families. After that they took a tour of the State Capital. They saw the rotunda, which has paintings of moments in Utah's history. They also saw the Governor's office, and wrote him a note asking him to hang the flags of the tribes of Utah outside the capitol. They then went and saw the House, Senate, and Utah Supreme Court.

The students said they learned more about the state's government. Onikah Locklear said that she learned who her senator is. When asked about their favorite part both Isaac Dial and Onikah said they like lunch the best. The Title VI group here at Springville Jr. high looks forward to more field trips in the future.



Band VS Orchestra

Submitted by tara.pina on Wed, 02/15/2017 - 10:12
Jenny Wallentine SJHS Student Staff Writer


Since SJHS first started out there has always been an-unspoken rivalry between the two music classes at our school Band leaded by none other than Mr. Booth and a new teacher who has recently arrived at our school, Mr. Taylor, who replaced Dr. Tsugawa. So far the students are very proud of which musical group they are part of.  

Starting with the teacher, Alexi Love, who is in band and plays the clarinet, says “Mr Booth is amazing! Easily the best teacher!” Brevin Park from Band who also plays the clarinet says “Excellent class is like a whole fun activity, Mr Booth is awesome!” over all the class seems to like him. Now over to Mr Taylor, the orchestra teacher at SJHS. Scout Benson, in orchestra who plays the cello, says that he is sarcastic and likes to joke around. Penina Strong also in orchestra and plays the violin, says “I like Mr Taylor, I think he’s funny.” 

Now onto concerts, Janelle Mammen, she is an 8th grader, plays the violin in the orchestra, she says “We have 4-5 concerts and one of them we get to travel in, we get go to the UVU orchestra festival around April.” and in 9th grade the 3rd orchestra they get to do even more concerts and travel even more, than they get to do in 7th and 8th. Onto band, Jane Wilson, plays the percussion in the 8th grade band, said that they have 2 concerts this year but unfortunately they don't actually get to travel until they go into the 9th grade band. 

Lastly, the class itself, every single person seemed to be very passionate about either band or orchestra, but all for different reasons. Cam Monson also plays percussion in band says “ I really like it because you don’t have any assignments.” Andrew Haneberg, plays the violin in the 8th grade orchestra, said that he really likes it because Mr Taylor finds a way to make it fun. So on this last round and the tie breaker, makes it very hard because both musical groups are so talented and all sound amazing especially for all being so young. 



Mrs. Gleave

Submitted by tara.pina on Wed, 02/15/2017 - 10:10
Morgan Roper, SJHS Student Staff Writer


Everybody knows Mrs. Gleave as a math teacher, who works at Springville Junior High School.  But nobody knows the Mrs. Gleave who learned how to build a house before she learned how to cook.

Even though Mrs. Gleave is now a math teacher now, doesn't mean she always wanted to be a teacher. Mrs. Gleaves childhood dream job was to be a pharmacist. Almost all the way through college she wanted to be a pharmacist, until she realized she had to take chemistry. Mrs. Gleave hated chemistry. So she rethought the job she was gonna do pretty much the rest of her live. And she remembered how horrible her math teachers were in junior high. “There has to be a better way” Mrs. Gleave said. So she did all the schooling and then stayed home for 15 years being a mother. And became a math teacher after those 15 years. 2017 is now her 11 year of teaching!

Mrs. Gleave was born October 30. She got a nickname “Boo” because she was born the day before Halloween. Her brother claimed she got the nickname from crying a lot as a baby. Mrs. Gleaves favorite food is all Chinese food. She has built, and still can, build a house!

Mrs. Jackson a math teacher at Springville Junior High School said,  Mrs. Jackson loves how her and Mrs. Gleave can laugh together in the hallways at all the stupid things kids do. Mrs. Jackson loves working with Mrs. Gleave, she doesn't know if she could survive without her, Mrs. Gleave is the moon to my stars, the apple to my worm, she is the music to my dance. I love you Mrs. Gleave.” Some students have said, “I love Mrs. Gleave, she pushes us to be successful in math. She really cares about us and if we pass her class.”




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