Authors visit SJHS

Article by Brighton Platt - SJHS Student Staff Writer

We have had the privilege of having two authors come and visit our school. Chris Crowe,  an English proffesor at BYU and author of the books, Mississippi Trial (a book the 9th graders have been reading). We also had the privilege of having Lance Conrad, another local author come near the end of last month.

Lance Conrad spoke to the creative writing students and students in the reading for enjoyment class. Payton Evans an eighth grader in creative writing mentioned that he had a really fun approach in teaching them. “He was telling us an old greek story, and randomly would start talking in an old “Shaksperean” voice.” she said. “It was fun.”  She also said in her own writing that she was struggling and Lance Conrad was very helpful to her, on how to fully set up her world.

Author Chris Crowe, who came near the start of March, spoke about entirely different things, but still had great reactions from the students. “He told us about his experiences in Mississippi, while getting information for his book on the murder of Emmet Till.”  said Gavin Jones, a ninth grader. Gavin mentioned that he thought that these experiences were really cool, especially since they have been reading his book during English.

Our school is very grateful for the opportunity of having these authors come and visit our school, and we hope that they would want to come back again. Now, if you are looking for a good read, you should check out some of these authors books, and be prepared to be amazed.

Article: Mrs. Riggs wins Crystal Apple award.

Article by Cameron Hall - SJHS Student Staff Writer

The Crystal Apple Award is an award to recognize an awesome dedicated teacher. On March 15, Mrs. Riggs took home the award. In case you were wondering, Mrs. Riggs is a super awesome teacher here at SJHS that teaches both English and Creative Writing. Mrs. Riggs has been teaching full time for 6 years. She started teaching middle school in Texas at Scott Johnson Middle School.

What are good qualities in an English teacher? Ms. Edenfield described a good english teacher as, “Hardworking, dedicated, and caring.” Mrs. Riggs fits all of those qualities. “Mrs. Riggs is a great teacher. She works hard for her students and wants them to succeed.” You can tell in Mrs. Riggs teacher that she is very dedicated and caring towards her students.

As well as being dedicated and caring, Mrs. Riggs has an awesome sense of humor. “She tries to lighten up the class with her humor,” is what Brighton Platt said about her humor.  English can be a very boring class to kids sometimes, but it helps when the teacher has a good sense of humor. Drew Badger agrees that Mrs. Riggs is funny, “She’s pretty funny.”

In conclusion, being awesome can have some good consequences. Mrs. Riggs got the recognition she deserved on March 5, 2018, when she received the Crystal Apple Award. SJHS should be very appreciative of Mrs. Riggs and her awesome teaching.

Article: Hope Burning Like a Flame

Article by Ashlee Bayles and Ella Stoddard - SJHS Student Staff Writers

Red vines, lifesavers, tic tacs, gum, heroes, hats, be red, be you, twins, and touring. This is the life of the students of Springville Junior High the last week of March. The students had the opportunity to be part of Hope Week, which is a week that the Hope Squad used to display their beliefs on how life should be for students. Each day’s dress up represented something that the Hope Squad felt should be brought to the attention of all the people who attend the school. They had several meetings to decide what they felt would help the school become the “happiest place on earth”.

It’s true that the Hope Squad wants to come close to the idea of Disneyland’s goal of being the happiest place on earth. They aim to work together and make the best Junior High experience for everyone. The goal of Hope Week according to Ashley Edwards, an eighth grader, is “To make people aware of what students are there to help them if they need some support.” Emma Cox added to her statement saying that not only is it to make known the members of the Hope Squad, but to show that the matter of loneliness is not getting better, but being ignored. Gibson Condie sums it up by saying, “If you are going through hard times Hope Squad is there.”

Hope Squad put together that week with the sole purpose of bringing the school together and uniting us as a whole. While the dress days were fun, the Hope Squad put a lot of thought and effort into them to make them that way. Dress up week is not just simply dressing up it is symbolising what you believe in. Hope; “A feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.”


Article: Summer is Almost Here!

Article by Cameron Hall - SJHS Student Staff Writer

From todays date, there are only 20 days of school left. The end of school is near, and that means summer is right around the corner. We are still in school though, which means we still have more work to do before we can check out of school. There is Sage Testing, which requires preparation before we can start. But we are almost there.

Sage Testing. All students have experienced it, and some may find it frustrating. Ms. Merrill, who taught seventh and eighth grade science this year thinks Sage is, “good for students to know where they are at.” Sage isn’t just to annoy students, it actually has a reason. There is a test for science, english, and math which goes on for a week or two. After that is the fun stuff.

At Springville Junior HIgh, we have the awesome opportunity to go to Lagoon as a school. As a little treat for Sage Testing we take buses for a day at Lagoon. A couple of hours to run around and enjoy the park. This year it is on May 18, so make sure to get your detentions and deficients made up so you can go enjoy Lagoon.

Sadly, after summer, school will resume again, as it always does. Seveys will no longer be seveys, eighth graders will be the king of the school, and ninth graders will move on to high school. Angela Lopez, in ninth grade is excited for a “fresh start with some of the same kids.” Whether you are excited or not, school will come again and it will bring some changes.

Even though school will always resume, make sure you enjoy the end of school and have an awesome and safe summer. Try to do more outside stuff rather than being camped inside on electronics.

Article: Romeo and Julieta play

Article by Gavin Jones - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Recently our school had the pleasure of viewing the performance of BYU Youngs Romeo and Julieta play. This play was only seen by 9h graders and spanish immersion students, and was performed with scenes in spanish throwing and unsuspected twist on the original tragic love story.

 All of the ninth grade and spanish immersion class was invited into the cafetorium to watch the performance. Jesus Hernandez, a ninth grade student said “It was fun to watch. Pretty good overall.” Jesus liked that it was in spanish and he liked the added twist. He only wished there were louder performers but he said he still enjoyed it.

Another student, Chloe Clarke, who is in spanish immersion said she liked to see the team work and and it was all really fun. “It was really cool and fun, and I liked how it was bilingual.”

All in all it was a very great performance and everyone who saw it is very grateful they took the time to perform for all of us here.

SJHS English Teachers Get Grant


8th grade English teachers were able to receive nearly a $1000 from the Great Basin Heritage Area Partnership, to help cover the cost of taking over 130 students to the Topaz Museum of Japanese Internment.
This was a great opportunity for students to gain historical and cultural background on a subject that is local and dear to our hearts.

Thank you for the support, Great Basin Heritage Area Partnership! 

Springville Mayor’s Recognition Award: Lindsay Gardiner

Article by Shannon Acor

Ninth grade Springville Junior High student, Lindsay Gardiner, received the Springville Mayor’s Recognition Award at Tuesday’s City Council Meeting. Assistant Principal Shauna Shepherd nominated Lindsay for her kindness and her ability to see the needs of others. Ms. Shepherd writes “Lindsay took it upon herself to organize a group of friends to write 365 anonymous notes to a struggling student so she would have one happy note to read from a friend every day.” Springville City Council, Mayor Child and the community are so grateful for Lindsay and her example. Lindsay is the daughter of Margot Gardiner.

Article: Behind the Curtain

Article by: Ashlee Bayles - SJHS Student Staff Writer

 At Springville Junior High the students worked hard to bestow upon you Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. The students who made it have been staying after school continuously since the beginning of January. The dedicated students are eager to give you the behind scenes of the play and how it works.

In the past the school has put on a variety plays, some of which include The Music Man, I’m Crazy for You, and Singing in the Rain. Many of these plays have brought family and friends closer together. Though the idea seems almost unreal the play has the potential to bring the entire society together.  

“The most fun part of the play is the time we get to spend with our friends on and off the stage. It also helps that we have the opportunity to hang out with friends while we are doing something that is helping us to grow and doing something that we love,” said an eighth grader by the name of Zachary Jackson. Haley Hawks, another eighth grader, said that she likes to perform the play itself because she likes “the hard work congratulated through cheering.”  

Ashley Edwards, an eighth grader, stated, “I think the play helps develop relationships and helps to build on new ones because it gives you the opportunity to get to know new people. It also helps when you need to work with other people and you develop friendships with them.” Haley expounded on Ashley’s idea and said, “I didn’t know many people last year because my friends did not do it, but the play helped me to get to know other new people.” She continued to say that to gain new friends she went up to groups of friends that she saw and talked to them. The play helps teenagers to gain confidence in themselves and helps them get out in the open for social purposes.  

The students all agreed that for the after-school practice they mostly learn and do their choreography. Haley said that they also learn the music so they know how it works in terms to the play. Ashley concurred and

added saying, “The choreography is the most important and we spend most of the time getting it stuck in our heads. Some of the time when you are not acting you will have the opportunity to talk to friends and enjoy their company.

The play is often overlooked and thought not too important, but whether we like it or not the play has brought our society together. We have not only grown stronger as a society from the connections the play has brought, but we have also grown in our talents, confidence, and social interaction. The play helps to build people up, which we see seldom in today’s world. Zach Jackson ended saying, “The play gives those in it the opportunity to perform while you meet new people, and make new friends.”

Article: Lunch time, sacred and enjoyable

Article by Cam Hall - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Lunch time, a very sacred time for students. A break in between school to devour food and hang out with friends. You might get a school lunch, and you might bring a home lunch, but lunch should be a great time for you no matter what. There are two different lunches, first lunch gets their lunch break after fourth period, and second lunch has theirs after fifth period, and both are for relieving hungry students.

Matthew Child, a seventh grader that eats school lunch, says that he likes having more options for lunch, rather than the two or three in elementary school. Matthew’s favorite option is the orange chicken and according to him, “It sometimes is good food, most the time.” Matthew likes lunch how it is now, and says, “I like it how it is, and wouldn’t change it.”

Some people like to take home lunch, Carson Grover, who is in eighth grade, likes to take home lunch. He likes it because, “I get to pick what I eat.” Usually he takes a sandwich, chips, and brings a drink.  Another big reason he eats home lunch is because it is easier not to wait in line. Having the freedom to choose what you eat, for both home lunch and school lunch is very nice. But there is more going on the background.

Djuana Sumsion is an awesome lunch lady here at SJHS. To prepare lunch there is “quite a bit of prep.” She said that they “come in at eight in the morning” to prepare lunch for the day. How do they get the food? The schools tell the district how much food they need, and the district orders it and it comes on Wednesdays.

To be a lunch lady, “you need a food handlers permit, and enjoy working with food, and kids.” It is hard work to prepare lunch for 700 kids.

Home lunch or school lunch, lunch has a lot of work involved, so the next time you see a lunch lady, make sure you tell them hi, and thank you.

Article: The Track Coaches of SJHS

Article by Kara Larsen - SJHS Student Staff Writer


Track season is coming up for Junior High Schools, and information on the track coaches is sought after. Mr. Hammon will be coaching sprints, hurdles, and relays, Mr. McKell will be coaching the distance races, Mrs. Hatch is the throwing coach, Mrs. Hotchkiss will be coaching hurdles and long jump, and last but not least, Mrs. Trunnell will be coaching the high jump event. Track season begins in March, and an information meeting has already taken place for those who wish to participate. Practice takes place after school in the field behind the school.

Mr. Hammon says, “I love to see my athletes making friends on the team.” Students say that they like all the track coaches, but the overall favorite seems to be Mr. Hammon. Jarom Gibb, and eighth grader who has done track before says that something the coaches should change is they should stop doing hills. Richmond Durfey says that he likes how the track coaches know what they’re talking about. Track is a great opportunity to make new friends and possibly find a new hobby… running! The students are all looking forward to a fun track season with the coaches this year.

Coaches donate their time to help the students grow and develop their running abilities. The coaches do their best to help the students have a good time in track and to improve.